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11/02/2016 - Full Version Of MOBOTIX VMS MxMC Including Free One-Day Training

Release Of MOBOTIX MxMC 1.1 Includes Full Range Of Professional VMS Functions

Langmeil, 11th of February, 2016. MOBOTIX has released an enhanced version of the intuitive Video Management Software platform, the MxManagementCenter for Windows and MAC. The latest version has been optimized to provide a full range of functions required for an efficient and professional video surveillance management. The new MxMC has no system limits and can handle hundreds of cameras and users, live and recordings up to terabytes per camera. The number of recording servers is unlimited. MxMC 1.1 can be downloaded free of charge and is license free.

MOBOTIX power playback technology of MxMC provides with direct fileserver access 60-times high-speed rewind and fast forward search capability of the recordings as well as a comfortable time lapse search, which reduces a 24-hour video footage down to nearly one minute for example.

Thanks to the integrated scaling of image size and frame rate, MxMC supports optimized remote access of live images and playback of recordings over limited bandwidth connections, and is still able to retrieve related image details in full resolution. MxMC includes a complete user rights management. All functions and views can be easily defined per individual user, even down to a simple quad view arrangement with dedicated camera views. In order to become familiar with the exciting new features of MxMC. MOBOTIX is offering a number of free-of-charge trainings worldwide. For more information please visit our webpage Partners > Seminars  or send an email to intl-campusSPAMFILTER@mobotix.com.

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04/02/2016 - CEO Klaus Gesmann Resigns From Management Board Due To Health Reasons

Notification pursuant to clause 19 (1(c)) of the General Terms and Conditions of Deutsche Börse AG for the Regulated Unofficial Market on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

CEO Klaus Gesmann Resigns From Management Board Due To Health Reasons

Winnweiler-Langmeil, 4 February 2016. Klaus Gesmann, CEO and CFO MOBOTIX AG, has chosen to resign from the MOBOTIX AG Management Board with immediate effect due to health reasons.

An interim manager will initially be placed in charge of the Finance department, previously under his control, while CTO Dr. Oliver Gabel is temporarily taking over the Purchasing department. A third board member will be appointed in the near future.

The Supervisory Board would like to thank Mr. Gesmann for the service he has given MOBOTIX AG in his years with the Company as well as for his outstanding dedication and wish him a speedy recovery.

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13/01/2016 - MOBOTIX At Intersec 2016 In Dubai

Take the opportunity and visit MOBOTIX at Intersec Dubai, from 17 to 19 January 2016 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Stand SA-F11.

We are excited to give you an exclusive, first look at the very latest innovations in Camera Technology, Video Management Software and Building Automation.
Discover the MOBOTIX highlights and join our daily 20-minute product presentations with a MOBOTIX engineer at 11.30 am and 2.30 pm at our stand SA-F11.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience MOBOTIX!

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09/11/2015 - Double-digit revenue growth for MOBOTIX AG: Dividend proposal of EUR 0.50 per share

Winnweiler-Langmeil, November 9, 2015. MOBOTIX AG (ISIN DE0005218309), a supplier of high-resolution, network-based video security systems, has announced its financial results for the 2014/15 financial year (October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015).

Almost 122,000 cameras were sold in the 2014/15 financial year, representing year-on-year growth of 12 percent and a record in the history of the Company. Following a year-on-year decline in revenue of 9 percent in the first quarter and 2 percent in the second quarter, the third and fourth quarters of the year saw increases of 6 percent and 16 percent respectively. For the second half of the year, the Company thus achieved double-digit year-on-year revenue growth once again with a figure of 11 percent. Revenue for the year as a whole increased by 2 percent from EUR 78 million to EUR 80 million.

Total operating output climed by almost 19 percent, from EUR 70.1 million in 2013/14 to EUR 83.3 million in 2014/15. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to EUR 8.8 million, an increase of 70 percent on the previous year (prior year: EUR 5.2 million). Profit for the year, at EUR 4.1 million, increased nearly fourfold on the previous year (prior year: EUR 1.1 million). The equity ratio was 65.5 percent as of September 30, 2015.

Based on the Company's net assets, financial position and results of operations, the Supervisory Board and Management Board are proposing a dividend distribution of EUR 0.50 (prior year: EUR 0.30) per share to the Annual General Meeting.

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22/10/2015 - New Thermal Radiometry Helps To Prevent Fire

First MOBOTIX Thermal cameras to create automatic temperature alarms

Langmeil, October 22, 2015. MOBOTIX has launched a new series of thermal camera products, equipped with a new type of thermal sensing technology to realize automatic events, based on absolute temperature within -40°C to +550°C. This new technology is perfect to generate automatic alarms, defined by temperatures limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources. At the same time, MOBOTIX provides a software update free of charge to upgrade existing thermal cameras with thermal spot metering in the image center.

Waste disposal

Within the available temperature range of -40°C to +550°C and a thermal sensitivity of 0.05°C (NETD=50mK), different temperature conditions can be easily defined within the new TR (Thermal Radiometry) window or over the whole sensor image with a typical accuracy of ±10°C. Up to 20 multiple temperature events can be defined at the same time. Spot metering, which measures temperature related to 4 pixels at the image center, is also improved in the new thermal TR products with a typical accuracy of ±10°C. These new releases will help to prevent bigger damages in industrial and commercial premises, at manufacturing and logistic sites, recycling facilities, forests, etc.

MOBOTIX Thermal Radiometry (TR) is available in its popular  M15, and as a sensor module in the S15 dual camera system.  Furthermore, TR is also available as S15 PT-mount sensor head.  Both S15 thermal modules can be set up as dual thermal system  for most flexible usage or as the perfect combination of thermal  and optical sensor technology to ensure the most reliable  detection results and visual verification at the same time.

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07/07/2015 - New p25 6MP Ceiling Camera

First MOBOTIX 6MP single-lens model

Langmeil, 7th of July, 2015. The new p25 6MP model is equipped with the brand-new 6-Megapixel Moonlight sensor technology, providing best low-light performance to cope with every indoor situation. The p25 is positioned extremely price competitive at 398€ and represents with all included MOBOTIX features and the MOBOTIX VMS MxMC, one of the most attractive security solutions in the market.

The new p25 is a ceiling camera with a manual pan/tilt functionality providing full installation flexibility. Equipped with a telephoto lens, the p25 can be directed to a specific spot in the room, with a 90 degree lens and mounted in the corner the p25 covers the entire space in 6MP resolution. A hemispheric version is available, too. For all indoor models (i25, c25, p25), there will be a surface mount kit to cope with concrete ceilings, as well as an optional audio package incl. microphone and speaker, to enable a two-way audio communication.

p25 indoor camera

With MxAnalytics, the p25 provides people counting and analysis of people behavior, without any extra costs, which is perfect for indoor locations like retail stores, museums, etc. Without any extra PC or license fees, the p25 represents highest flexibility and cost savings for end users.

Beside MxAnalytics, all other MOBOTIX features are included, such as MxActivitySensor - which avoids up to 90% of false alarms - on board and/or NAS recording, notification via email, FTP and IP request, and much more. The MOBOTIX low power design achieves power consumptions of 4 watt and below via standard PoE, which enables one of the lowest energy bills in the market.

Technical Info

All MOBOTIX cameras are based on the decentralized concept. All recordings are stored on an internal micro SD card, or externally on a USB device or via the IP network on NAS hard drives. MOBOTIX camera networks support up to 10 times more cameras per server when compared to the central VMS-based recording used by competitors. Also, no additional computers or software are required for recording.

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23/06/2015 - MxMC - Release Of The New MOBOTIX VMS

MOBOTIX Management Center - The New Milestone of Video Management

Langmeil, June 23, 2015. The first release of MxMC is ready for download. MxMC MOBOTIX video management software is a complete re-development that focuses on a unique and intuitive user experience. Single and double click, drag&drop support of several screens and direct view of events and alarm messages are just some of the many advantages of the new software. Particularly outstanding: the newly developed research and player tools providing high-speed search and fastest results.


MxMC is perfectly designed in combination with MOBOTIX cameras representing the decentralized concept at its best. MxMC allows controlled recording access via the camera or later directly to the NAS. Unique feature is the adaptive bandwidth management supporting quality search even over mobile networks with very limited bandwidth.

Following the MOBOTIX software concept, MxMC is 100% included in the MOBOTIX product offering, requiring no extra software, license or update costs and at the same time having no limits in terms of users, screens and cameras.

Technical Info

MxMC can be downloaded as registered MOBOTIX partner under the following link: www.mobotix.com/other/Support/Software-Downloads. Please refer to the release notes for more details. MOBOTIX provides a complete MxMC tutorial under www.mobotix.com/other/Support/Tutorials/ to become familiar with all features and the user concept.

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11/06/2015 - MOBOTIX AG Doubles Its Previous Year‘s EBIT

Langmeil, June 11, 2015. The first half of the 2014/15 financial year of MOBOTIX AG saw a very large number of product innovations. Technologically, the 5-Megapixel cameras were replaced with highly light-sensitive 6-Megapixel Moonlight systems, which are around 100 times more light-sensitive than the 3-Megapixel cameras that were still being sold until a year ago. The Moonlight systems give MOBOTIX a significant competitive advantage in the market, even though the process of switching all camera models to this new technology is not due to be completed until the third quarter of the year.

The completely redeveloped and extremely user-friendly video management software was not launched in the first half of the year as originally planned. However, the beta version, which is already available to 2,000 registered users, is being described as a 'game changer' at all international presentations.

The reorganization of the sales function and the market launch of new products in February 2015 enabled MOBOTIX AG to raise revenue in the second quarter by 30 percent compared with the first quarter of the financial year. The increase in revenue and the growth resulting from the technological switch to the new 6-Megapixel Moonlight cameras did not materialize until the second quarter, which meant that the revenue effect was slightly diluted for the reporting period as a whole. Nonetheless, total operating output rose by 4.7 percent to EUR 41.5 million in the first half of the financial year (prior year: EUR 39.6 million). March 2015 saw the highest revenue of any month in the Company's history.

At EUR 4.5 million, EBIT for the first half of the year is already twice as high as for the entire previous financial year (EUR 2.3 million). Due to the high level of demand – and despite the change in technology – inventories were around 6.4 percent lower than at the end of 2013/14 (EUR 10.9 million, compared with EUR 11.6 million as of September 30, 2014). At EUR 24.9 million (September 30, 2014: EUR 22.4 million), receivables and bank balances were significantly higher than the total liabilities of EUR 10.9 million (September 30, 2014: EUR 9.9 million).

There was a successful outcome to patent disputes in the US, and we were able to have several US patents of the plaintiffs revoked as a deterrent against any other potential patent trolls. The acquisition of our competitors Axis and Milestone by the Japanese camera manufacturer Canon at very high business valuations and inquiries in this respect during the reporting period indicate substantial consolidation in the video security market.

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