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07/07/2015 - New p25 6MP Ceiling Camera

First MOBOTIX 6MP single-lens model

Langmeil, 7th of July, 2015. The new p25 6MP model is equipped with the brand-new 6-Megapixel Moonlight sensor technology, providing best low-light performance to cope with every indoor situation. The p25 is positioned extremely price competitive at 398€ and represents with all included MOBOTIX features and the MOBOTIX VMS MxMC, one of the most attractive security solutions in the market.

The new p25 is a ceiling camera with a manual pan/tilt functionality providing full installation flexibility. Equipped with a telephoto lens, the p25 can be directed to a specific spot in the room, with a 90 degree lens and mounted in the corner the p25 covers the entire space in 6MP resolution. A hemispheric version is available, too. For all indoor models (i25, c25, p25), there will be a surface mount kit to cope with concrete ceilings, as well as an optional audio package incl. microphone and speaker, to enable a two-way audio communication.

p25 indoor camera

With MxAnalytics, the p25 provides people counting and analysis of people behavior, without any extra costs, which is perfect for indoor locations like retail stores, museums, etc. Without any extra PC or license fees, the p25 represents highest flexibility and cost savings for end users.

Beside MxAnalytics, all other MOBOTIX features are included, such as MxActivitySensor - which avoids up to 90% of false alarms - on board and/or NAS recording, notification via email, FTP and IP request, and much more. The MOBOTIX low power design achieves power consumptions of 4 watt and below via standard PoE, which enables one of the lowest energy bills in the market.

Technical Info

All MOBOTIX cameras are based on the decentralized concept. All recordings are stored on an internal micro SD card, or externally on a USB device or via the IP network on NAS hard drives. MOBOTIX camera networks support up to 10 times more cameras per server when compared to the central VMS-based recording used by competitors. Also, no additional computers or software are required for recording.

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23/06/2015 - MxMC - Release Of The New MOBOTIX VMS

MOBOTIX Management Center - The New Milestone of Video Management

Langmeil, June 23, 2015. The first release of MxMC is ready for download. MxMC MOBOTIX video management software is a complete re-development that focuses on a unique and intuitive user experience. Single and double click, drag&drop support of several screens and direct view of events and alarm messages are just some of the many advantages of the new software. Particularly outstanding: the newly developed research and player tools providing high-speed search and fastest results.


MxMC is perfectly designed in combination with MOBOTIX cameras representing the decentralized concept at its best. MxMC allows controlled recording access via the camera or later directly to the NAS. Unique feature is the adaptive bandwidth management supporting quality search even over mobile networks with very limited bandwidth.

Following the MOBOTIX software concept, MxMC is 100% included in the MOBOTIX product offering, requiring no extra software, license or update costs and at the same time having no limits in terms of users, screens and cameras.

Technical Info

MxMC can be downloaded as registered MOBOTIX partner under the following link: www.mobotix.com/other/Support/Software-Downloads. Please refer to the release notes for more details. MOBOTIX provides a complete MxMC tutorial under www.mobotix.com/other/Support/Tutorials/ to become familiar with all features and the user concept.

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11/06/2015 - MOBOTIX AG Doubles Its Previous Year‘s EBIT

Langmeil, June 11, 2015. The first half of the 2014/15 financial year of MOBOTIX AG saw a very large number of product innovations. Technologically, the 5-Megapixel cameras were replaced with highly light-sensitive 6-Megapixel Moonlight systems, which are around 100 times more light-sensitive than the 3-Megapixel cameras that were still being sold until a year ago. The Moonlight systems give MOBOTIX a significant competitive advantage in the market, even though the process of switching all camera models to this new technology is not due to be completed until the third quarter of the year.

The completely redeveloped and extremely user-friendly video management software was not launched in the first half of the year as originally planned. However, the beta version, which is already available to 2,000 registered users, is being described as a 'game changer' at all international presentations.

The reorganization of the sales function and the market launch of new products in February 2015 enabled MOBOTIX AG to raise revenue in the second quarter by 30 percent compared with the first quarter of the financial year. The increase in revenue and the growth resulting from the technological switch to the new 6-Megapixel Moonlight cameras did not materialize until the second quarter, which meant that the revenue effect was slightly diluted for the reporting period as a whole. Nonetheless, total operating output rose by 4.7 percent to EUR 41.5 million in the first half of the financial year (prior year: EUR 39.6 million). March 2015 saw the highest revenue of any month in the Company's history.

At EUR 4.5 million, EBIT for the first half of the year is already twice as high as for the entire previous financial year (EUR 2.3 million). Due to the high level of demand – and despite the change in technology – inventories were around 6.4 percent lower than at the end of 2013/14 (EUR 10.9 million, compared with EUR 11.6 million as of September 30, 2014). At EUR 24.9 million (September 30, 2014: EUR 22.4 million), receivables and bank balances were significantly higher than the total liabilities of EUR 10.9 million (September 30, 2014: EUR 9.9 million).

There was a successful outcome to patent disputes in the US, and we were able to have several US patents of the plaintiffs revoked as a deterrent against any other potential patent trolls. The acquisition of our competitors Axis and Milestone by the Japanese camera manufacturer Canon at very high business valuations and inquiries in this respect during the reporting period indicate substantial consolidation in the video security market.

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10/06/2015 - MxAnalytics - Now Available In All MOBOTIX Single Lens Models

Free of Charge Software Update for integrated Object Counting and Heat Map Analysis

Langmeil, 10th of June, 2015. The new MOBOTIX Analytics is now available for all single lens cameras. It allows counting of people moving through corridors in different directions and additionally can generate heat maps to indicate the area of highest activities of movements. This statistical data can be automatically sent by the camera itself via daily or weekly email and is an excellent tool to measure the behavior of people, for example in a retail shop.

MxAnalytics Heat Map

MxAnalytics Counting Corridors

Click into the images for a larger display.

This software (MX-V4.3.2.68) is free of charge and available for all single lens models, especially for the price attractive indoor camera models (i25, c25, p25). For the total system cost of 398 Euro the user gets a complete hemispheric 5MP camera system, including analysis software, the recording software to manage terabytes of NAS storage and all other MOBOTIX camera features like activity sensor and automatic event messaging and recording.

This software version is free and can be downloaded to upgrade all existing single lens models without any fee under www.mobotix.com/Support/Software-Downloads.

Technical Info

MOBOTIX is also providing tips how to achieve optimal results with MxAnalytics. This can be found in the document "Compact Guide: MxAnalytics" (Support/MX Mediathek/Compact Guides).

All MOBOTIX cameras are based on the decentralized concept. All recordings are stored on an internal micro SD card, or externally on a USB device or via the IP network on NAS hard drives. MOBOTIX camera networks support up to 10 times more cameras per server when compared to the central VMS-based recording used by competitors. Also, no additional computers or software are required for recording.

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17/12/2014 - MOBOTIX AG as of 1st April 2015 with a new Chief Sales Officer

Announcement acc. to § 19 1(c) of the General Conditions of Deutsche Börse AG for the Regulated Unofficial Market at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Langmeil, 17th December 2014. The Supervisory Board of MOBOTIX AG has appointed Dr. Tristan Haage as a new member of the Management Board for the area of Sales. With a PhD in physics, Dr. Haage comes from Kaiserslautern and will assume responsibility in the Management Board starting 1st April 2015. With Dr. Haage, MOBOTIX AG gains a leader with many years of management experience in international sales.
After finishing his studies at the Kaiserslautern University of Technology and completing his doctorate degree at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Haage began his professional career at Siemens in Munich. In addition to leading strategic projects, he helped build a global Key Account Management system at Siemens’ industrial division. Over ten years he served as Director of Sales and Marketing and a member of the management at Steitz Secura, while contributing to the growth of this medium-sized company. Most recently, he served as an authorized officer of the international company Frenzelit Werke, division  seals and new materials. Dr. Haage came to MOBOTIX AG in 2014 and has been supporting the Management Board in restructuring of the sales worldwide since then.
"Dr. Tristan Haage stands out in particular because of his analytical and strategic way of thinking. He has many years of sales experience in technology-oriented SMEs and has already successfully been restructuring  the US subsidiary of MOBOTIX AG", said Dr. Ralf Hinkel, Chairman of the Board of MOBOTIX AG.

Klaus Gesmann

Oliver Gabel

Dr. Tristan Haage

Klaus Gesmann, CEO

Dr. Oliver Gabel, CTO

Dr. Tristan Haage, CSO

Effective 1st April 2015, the MOBOTIX Management Board will consist of Klaus Gesmann (CEO and CFO), Dr. Oliver Gabel (CTO) and Dr. Tristan Haage (CSO).

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09/12/2014 - MOBOTIX Elects Works Council For The First Time

Winnweiler/Langmeil, December 9, 2014. The Management of MOBOTIX AG in Langmeil welcomes the employees' wish to elect a works council for the first time. The works meeting to elect an election committee will take place on Friday, December 19, 2014 at the company headquarters.

"A works council offers a wide range of advantages for a company of our size because this way agreements can be made more efficiently than in one-in-one meetings with hundreds of employees. Moreover, after 15 years MOBOTIX has reached a size of company in which a council can contribute to the corporate culture better than even the best and most employee-oriented HR department actively can. It is a proven means to facilitate communication between the employees and the Management," says Klaus Gesmann, CEO of MOBOTIX AG.

MOBOTIX AG already grants its employees many advantages. In addition to the salary, for example, a monthly child benefit of € 50 per child, a Christmas bonus for each child in the amount of € 250 and monthly travel money are already being paid. Additionally, MOBOTIX has given each employee a set of winter tires several times. Meals and drinks are free-of-charge for the employees at the company‘s own canteen. In the company fitness and sports center, which is led by two physiotherapists, employees are free to use various athletic equipment and engage in different sports activities. In addition to medical offerings, such as eye examinations and workout for the back, employees also have the option of a free massage per month or in case of acute need, even more often. Health plays the biggest role around the PC workstation.

The Management looks forward to numerous applications and active participation of many positive and committed employees whose motivation is the well-being of their colleagues and not their own reputation or ideology. "We are looking forward to a committed and constructive collaboration with the works council," concludes Klaus Gesmann.

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04/11/2014 - MOBOTIX Corp. Continues To Prevail In Patent Dispute: USPTO Cancels Three Patents

New York, November 04, 2014. MOBOTIX Corp. was once again successful in a patent dispute with San Antonio, Texas-based e-Watch Inc. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted MOBOTIX Corp.’s request and determined that all challenged claims of U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,023,913, 7,228,429 and 7,733,371 are not patentable.

MOBOTIX Corp.’s success story in the patent dispute against e-Watch Inc. continues. In August 2014, the USPTO had determined that U.S. Pat. No. 6,970,183 is not patentable. Shortly after this decision, a  district court in Texas dismissed the patent infringement lawsuit filed by e-Watch Inc. against MOBOTIX Corp. Now three more patents owned by e-Watch Inc. have been successfully challenged by requesting inter partes review at the USPTO.

"Although the three decisions had no relevance to the patent infringement lawsuit any more, it was important for us to carry on with the review proceedings at the USPTO. We have been a successful pioneer in the IP video surveillance market for more than 15 years, and – using documentation on the MOBOTIX camera model M1 published at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany, in 2000, as well as third-party documents found through extensive prior art search – have shown that the patents-in-suit are invalid as they claim inventions that were already known well before the filing of the patents-in-suit," explains Keith Jernigan, General Manager at MOBOTIX Corp.

"We are very pleased with our continued success in the patent dispute with e­-Watch Inc. All challenged claims of all four patents have been determined unpatentable and will be canceled. Requesting inter partes review of the patents has proven to be effective and we will follow the same approach in the future to counter patent infringement lawsuits," says Keith Jernigan explaining the company’s corporate strategy.

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24/09/2014 - MOBOTIX Presents New IP Video Solutions At Security 2014

Langmeil, Germany - September 24, 2014. At this year’s security in Essen, MOBOTIX presents a new compact sized Hemispheric camera, demonstrates its recent remote station for the IP video door intercom and introduces new software developments. The MOBOTIX technology stand is located at booth 408, Hall 1.0.

"Important highlights at the MOBOTIX stand this year will include previews of the MxMultiViewer, our new video management software, the MxDisplay management station and the all new i25 Hemispheric camera," said Dr. Ralf Hinkel, MOBOTIX’ founder.

i25 - a new compact sized Hemispheric camera

The revolutionary Q25M has given birth to a brand new hemispheric camera, which is nearly half the size. The new indoor camera is a fully featured device and built on the 5MP hardware platform. "We believe customers will love the i25 because it offers many of the same features found within the Q25, but at a much lower price point," said Oliver Gabel, MOBOTIX’ Chief Technology Officer.

The wall mountable i25 captures an entire room with stunning 180˚ wall-to-wall view, without any blind spots. As with all MOBOTIX Hemispheric devices, the virtual PTZ on the live and recorded images is performed by the i25 camera without requiring an additional computer or software.

Available in both Day (color) and Night (B&W) models the i25 caters to the most challenging lighting conditions and a wide range of indoor surveillance applications.

MxMultiViewer – intuitive video management software

The MxMultiViewer video management software is a completely new development for PC, Mac and Linux systems that focuses on ensuring simple and intuitive use. Full screen display at a single mouse click, support for several screens and a transparent view of events and alarm messages are just some of the many advantages of the new software. Particularly outstanding is the automatic configuration of the extensive MxMultiViewer. All MOBOTIX components in a network are detected and pre-installed automatically. Thus, a complete network of cameras and door intercoms can be brought into use in just a few minutes, without a browser or additional software - free of charge, of course, from MOBOTIX.

MxDisplay – building automation server with touchscreen display

The MxDisplay is the fixed remote station for the IP video door intercom and stands out, in particular, for its intuitive and easy use. With only a few swipes, the user can call up, for example, an overview of the cameras in the building and the most recent video messages from the door intercom or generate a new access transponder for a guest. No matter which menu the user is in, a tap on the key icon immediately displays the live image of the door intercom. Keeping the button pressed a while longer will open the door. If necessary, this can be secured further using a PIN or transponder. The MxDisplay can be integrated flush with the wall and is available in black or white.

Another advantage of the MxDisplay is that it can be operated wirelessly. It can also be used as a base station for other displays in the building. Smart phones and computers can be used to log into the display via the network or integrated Wi-Fi in order to use all the functions in the same manner. A ringing at the doorbell is then forwarded to the smartphone or the workstation. Thanks to the Wi-Fi Access Point function, the MxDisplay creates Internet access for these smart phones and computers, which makes it unnecessary to set up an additional Wi-Fi system in the building.

Reliable Detection At Night: M15D-Thermal and S15D-Thermal

A world first innovation, available in both the MOBOTIX M15D and S15D, is the ability to combine both thermal and optical sensor modules in the one camera. While the thermal sensor provides movement detection, the optical sensor provides crisp clear object identification. This enables the M15D and S15D to deliver accurate detection of motion in all lighting conditions and visual verification of who or what triggered the motion event. 
The advantage of using thermal sensor modules is that they can visualize heat radiating from vehicles and persons, for the purpose of accurate movement detection up to 400 meters away from the camera, even under the most challenging lighting and environmental conditions.

The flexible video cabling, weatherproof design and tiny footprint allows the two S15D thermal sensor modules to be installed into any location up to two meters away from a single S15D core unit. 

The MOBOTIX M15D and S15D dual lens cameras come standard with MxActivitySensor, a state of the art intelligent motion detection software. When enabled in the thermal camera, MxActivitySensor registers movement without artificial lighting in pitch black conditions and during the day time, with stunning accuracy.

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