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28/09/2016 - "MxInsight" Showing All the Innovations at "Security Essen"

In our new brochure "MxInsight" we present all the MOBOTIX innovations from "Security" in Essen at a glance!

28/09/2016 - Smart Solutions From MOBOTIX At Security 2016

During the Essen Security 2016 MOBOTIX will showcase its innovative and customer-oriented approach to security systems, specifically presenting complete IP video solutions and a new security concept for perimeter monitoring.

Essen/Langmeil, Germany, 28 September 2016 – MOBOTIX presents its new products and innovative solutions from its IP video technology portfolio at Security in Essen from 27–30 September. MOBOTIX is located at Booth 1B10 in Hall 1, where it is primarily presenting its customized solutions with added value for the retail, traffic and transportation, industrial and logistic sectors. Visitors will discover a new kind of solution – developed by MOBOTIX in collaboration with Konica Minolta – for efficient perimeter protection with reliable alarm management. MOBOTIX is also highlighting its plug-and-play complete systems, integration solutions developed with market-leading cooperation partners as well as a more optimized version of their video management software, MxManagementCenter 1.3.

Security Essen 2016

Solutions With Added Value For The Retail, Transportation, Perimeter Protection And Industrial Sectors

MOBOTIX, in collaboration with Konica Minolta, has developed  a new security concept that offers the best possible perimeter protection. The concept combines video and thermal technology from MOBOTIX in conjunction with the 3D laser scanner (3D LiDAR) from Konica Minolta. This combination of technologies makes it possible to better automatically analyze data collected from events. This provides the possibility to optimally limit events and represent them in three dimensions not only through the movement in the frames but also through defining distances between objects, object sizes and temperature. MOBOTIX will demonstrate how the their solution, which features integrated cash registers (POS) and camera-supported image and data analysis, is suited specifically for the retail sector. This solution provides valuable additional information regarding cash transactions. MOBOTIX also illustrates how the thermal radiometry and event logic technologies make it possible to reliably monitor temperature; with the ability to prevent possible dangers ahead of time by monitoring critical processes used in industrial applications and infrastructures. The security solution from MOBOTIX is excellent for mobile deployment thanks to its robust design, tried-and-tested hemispheric camera technology, decentralized recording system and event logic.

Optimized Interface : New MxMC 1.3 Version

With the MxMC 1.3 Version, MOBOTIX has included a new device bar with a tree structure that provides users with a more structured overview, as well as the ability to more easily navigate between cameras and views. Another added feature is the capacity to mark any cameras or camera groups as favorites. In addition, this newly optimized version stands out by providing improved performance on both Windows and Mac OS X devices.

Open To The Market: Integration Solutions With Partners

MOBOTIX will present new solutions with various cooperation partners at the trade fair booth. MxDigitizer makes it possible to integrate analog cameras into a MOBOTIX system. In addition to converting analog signals into digital signals, MxDigitizer also offers decentralized features such as the MxActivitySensor, storage on the camera and an event logic. "Our position on the market is not only defined by providing products with ever more power; we are also improving the integration capability of MOBOTIX camera systems. We will be leveraging our own new potential strengths as well as those of our partners, after having successfully integrated MxPEG in Security Center, the video management platform from Genetec," says Dr. Tristan Haage, Chief Sales Officer of MOBOTIX AG, of the technology partnership with Genetec. This allows small and medium-sized companies, as well as large companies with several branches to implement their security projects on a single platform with an open system architecture.

Fast, Simple Installation: Plug-And-Play Technology From MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX has developed two different plug-and-play solutions that make it fast and simple to commission the MOBOTIX system. The two plug-and-play solutions, one of them being a Camera/NAS combination and the other a complete IP video system for the front door, are shipped preconfigured for easy installation. The pre-configuration supports standard applications of a video surveillance system and the IP Video Door Station. MOBOTIX relies on high-quality network storage systems from technology partners for the Camera/NAS combination such as Overland/Tandberg.

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26/09/2016 - MOBOTIX at Security Essen 2016

Experience the latest Intelligent MOBOTIX Solutions

Security Essen 2016

  • Next Generation Perimeter Security with Reliable Alarm Management
  • Video Security with Integrated Business Intelligence for Retailers
  • Reliable Video Security Tailored for Transportation
  • Intelligent Process Monitoring for the Industry and Critical Infrastructure
  • New Enhanced Features of the MxMC Video Management Software

Register now and pre-book a Guided Stand Tour or a meeting with our International Sales Team online. In addition you could win a new v25 Mini Dome camera. Tours last about 20 minutes and end with the highlight of a small gift for you.

You can see us live at the booth on a MOBOTIX camera throughout the entire show:

22/09/2016 - MOBOTIX and Advantech integrate video solutions for the transport sector

Langmeil and Son, September 21st, 2016. MOBOTIX and Advantech will be providing integrated intelligent solutions for video surveillance and applications in the transport sector. Advantech is a global provider of industrial and embedded automation solutions, which will use MOBOTIX cameras for video applications in public transportation services, emergency services vehicles and the transportation of goods. Such as counting the number of passengers, heat mapping and crowd management. These will be demonstrated during InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, 20 - 23 September at Advantech's stand 406 in hall 4.1.

Transport and logistics sector

Advantech has been providing automation solutions and embedded systems in the transport and logistics sector, since 1983. These consist of certified industrial computers and robust displays. In response to an increasing demand for video surveillance and applications, Advantech Europe has entered into a strategic collaboration with MOBOTIX, the manufacturer of intelligent, high resolution IP cameras and VMS systems. Examples of applications on which the collaboration is targeted: surveillance on the transport of people and goods, the transportation of money and valuables, and care providers.

High quality and resolution

"MOBOTIX delivers high quality and resolution cameras, which fits well within our transport sector focus", says Jeroen Baerents, Business Development Manager at Advantech Europe. "We see MOBOTIX as a strong eco system partner, with a good cooperation model. We therefore look forward to a strong and rapidly growing relationship". "Advantech and MOBOTIX are manufacturers that complement each other fully in the transportation sector", according to Marc van den Heuvel, Business Development Manager of MOBOTIX in the Benelux. "This is why this collaboration is a win-win for both companies, as well as every transporter and transport services provider".

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22/09/2016 - Genetec Inc. and MOBOTIX AG Announce Technology Integration Partnership

Through this Partnership, the Genetec Security Center Unified Platform Will Seamlessly Integrate MOBOTIX High Quality IP Cameras

Langmeil and Düsseldorf, September 22nd, 2016. Genetec Inc. ("Genetec"), a leading provider of open-architecture, unified IP security solutions, and MOBOTIX AG ("MOBOTIX"), a leading German manufacturer of IP based video solutions, today announced a technology relationship in which both companies will  work together in research and development, testing, business development, and sales support  for new and existing enterprise clients worldwide. Both companies have a global reputation for quality, reliability, great customer support in delivering flexible security solutions. Genetec and MOBOTIX will demonstrate their solutions at Security Essen, September 27-30th 2016; Genetec in Hall 2, Stand 2B30, and MOBOTIX in Hall 1, Stand 1B10.

Genetec Security Center unifies video management systems (VMS), access control, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and communications management into a single intuitive  platform, offering single and multi-site management of MOBOTIX edge devices that lead to greater efficiency and a higher level of security.

MOBOTIX enhances video for physical security applications, business operations, process monitoring and sustainability through reliable camera hardware, decentralized architecture and energy efficiency. MOBOTIX solutions include both optical and thermal imaging sensors. MOBOTIX enables clients to pro-actively prevent crime through award winning industrial design.

Genetec and MOBOTIX have a global footprint in more than 70 countries, and through this partnership, will be able to offer customers—from small-to-medium size (SMB) to 1000+ enterprise camera multi-site deployments— a flexible, world-class, end-to-end IP video security solution.

"We are happy to enter this technology partnership with Genetec, as we recognize a natural synergy with the highly scalable unified security platform that Security Center represents, and the catalog of IP cameras and compression technology that MOBOTIX offers," said Dr. Tristan Haage, CSO of MOBOTIX.  "With two recent 500+ camera customer deployments in Europe and the Middle East, both companies are already realizing the advantages of a highly-integrated hardware and software solution for enterprise deployments, for which Genetec is very well known for in the industry," added Dr. Haage.

Genetec and MOBOTIX will both be able to introduce and share their respective strengths into new and existing markets, helping both mid-size and larger scale, multi-site clients realize their respective security projects built on an open-architecture platform.

"As Genetec grows its presence in Germany, we realized the many symbiotic advantages we share with MOBOTIX," said Francis Lachance, Director of Product Management, Genetec Inc. "With MOBOTIX joining the Genetec ecosystem of technology partners, we will be able to offer the many differentiating features and capabilities MOBOTIX brings to the table, fully integrated with Security Center. It is a win-win  relationship," added Lachance.

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12/07/2016 - 380 MOBOTIX Outdoor Cameras Protect UNESCO World Heritage Site Pompeii

Smart & Cost-Efficient IP Video Solutions Made In Germany Protect People And Premises

Langmeil, Germany, July 12, 2016. Pompeii is the world-famous ancient Roman city near modern Naples which may receive up to 15,000 tourists in a single day – a numerical turnout second to only the Coliseum in Italy. To protect the extraordinarily well-preserved artifacts and decorated surfaces and to prevent potential damage, over 380 MOBOTIX dual-dome cameras were installed at the inner heart of this archaeological site.

MOBOTIX won over all other technologies, especially because of the unrivaled image quality and the decentralized system structure which results in less network infrastructure and a reduction of the overall system costs. The need to install a video security system was born of the Great Pompeii project, an undertaking ordered by the Italian Government for the purpose of reinforcing the effectiveness of the conservation, prevention, maintenance, and restoration in the archaeological area of Pompeii.

The archaeological site sends very frequent reports of graffiti, scratches, and defacing of the walls and frescoes of the Roman Domus villas, which are at the heart of the archaeological site. These acts of vandalism are carried out by tourists with their pens and fingernails when they somehow manage to stay within the walls on purpose even after the site is closed to the public.

The Italian MOBOTIX partner Metoda had no doubt about the best solution to offer to the Pompeii Authority for implementing the video surveillance project. "MOBOTIX easily satisfied the requirements of the bid for tenders, and was in fact the only technology truly capable of providing an answer to the actual requirements of the Authority. A great success, most of all because of the quality of the images, which completely surpassed all the expectations of the customer", explains Cesare Gonnelli, General Manager of Metoda.

The protection of the World Heritage Site of Pompeii is just one example of a successful deployment of MOBOTIX outdoor cameras world-wide. MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are Made in Germany in line with highest quality standards and tested in operation from -30 °C up to +60 °C. Currently MOBOTIX offers a doubling of the manufacturer warranty from two to four years for all outdoor models until the end of September 2016.

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08/07/2016 - Change of the revenue and EBIT forecast for the financial year 2015/16

Disclosure of an inside information according to Article 17 MAR

The revenue and EBIT forecast of the financial year 2015/16 given in the interim group management report of the first half year (October 1, 2015 - March 31, 2016) can not be maintained anymore after taking into account project delays in different regions outside of Europe and the unrealized OEM-revenue.

Based on the preliminary figures of the third quarter just finished on June 30, 2016 the maximum expectation of the management is a balanced result as per the financial year 2015/16, taking into account different special effects.

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07/07/2016 - MOBOTIX CORP Wins Patent Challenge Again

New York, July 7, 2016. Following a request from MOBOTIX CORP to review the validity of U.S. Patent No. 6,975,220, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) ruled that the main claims of the patent are invalid and will be canceled.

Back in 2013, the digital video surveillance patent had been asserted in lawsuits filed by Texas-based ComCam International Inc. against MOBOTIX CORP and several other companies.

Documentation on the MOBOTIX camera model M1 published at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany, in 2000 as well as third-party documents found through an extensive prior art search show that patent claims an invention that was already publicly known well before the filing of the application for the patent. On this basis, MOBOTIX CORP challenged the validity of the patent claims by petitioning the USPTO to do an “inter partes review” of ComCam’s patent. On April 28, 2016, the USPTO issued a 47-page written decision siding with MOBOTIX CORP and finding that virtually all of the claims are un-patentable.

MOBOTIX CORP has successfully pursued several “inter partes reviews,” which is a procedure available only since 2012. In those proceedings, five patents were challenged resulting in 2 patents killed and 3 largely cancelled. In total, MOBOTIX CORP has achieved cancellation of 171 patent claims.

“We do not oppose the protection of inventions through patents. MOBOTIX, as a driver for innovation in the IP video surveillance industry, itself has been granted numerous patents. However, it is objectionable to bring an infringement action based on overly broad patent claims that should have never been issued. We will defend ourselves vigorously against such claims and request ‘inter partes review’ to challenge and cancel them,” says Dr. Tristan Haage, CEO at MOBOTIX CORP, explaining the company’s corporate strategy.

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