MOBOTIX Expands Its Partnership Network To Singapore

MOBOTIX has expanded its technology partnerships to include Oneberry Technologies in Singapore.


Oneberry Technologies was founded in 2003 as a specialized technology and service provider for security and surveillance solutions. Its latest innovation is the Oneberry RoboGuard, a security robot based on fuel cell technology that can be customized and is considered a true industry first. "MOBOTIX's intelligent, cyber-secure and robust camera systems are an ideal complement to our fuel cell technology-based, customized security and surveillance solutions," explains Ken Pereira, CEO of Oneberry Technologies. Like MOBOTIX, Oneberry Technologies is committed to partnering with companies that are leaders in complementary technologies to deliver innovation to vertical markets through joint projects or innovations.


"By partnering with Oneberry, we are not merely expanding our partnership network to Singapore," says Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG. "Oneberry Technologies is a leading company in the Asian market for robot technology based on fuel cells. The new market opportunities – in terms of facility management, for example - are promising," he adds.