MOBOTIX Thermal Technology Successfully Integrated in Konica Minolta & Panasonic Partner Solution
el 18 de noviembre de 2020

MOBOTIX Thermal Technology Successfully Integrated in Konica Minolta & Panasonic Partner Solution

Pandemic Containment

Langmeil, November 2020 - Together with Konica Minolta and Panasonic i-PRO, MOBOTIX developed a video surveillance system. The intelligent solution package uses Konica Minolta Temperature Screening Apps integrated into MOBOTIX thermal cameras linked to a network disk recorder developed by Panasonic i-PRO. The solution uses thermal radiometry (TR) technology, where thermal radiation can be measured in the entire image area and assigned to a temperature value per pixel. The application can measure the body surface temperature of people without contact and detect abnormal amounts. The solution is supported by a black body radiator, which allows an exact reference value setting to increase the measurement accuracy.

Processes such as flows of people at entrances/exits, check-ins, receptions, etc. are not affected due to the excellent performance. Thus, both the security personnel and the persons to be measured can be relieved, and resources can be saved. The solution is interesting for many industries. For schools, other public institutions, hospitals, and nursing homes or retail stores, the system represents an important security measure to protect employees, customers, patients, residents, nursing staff, students, and visitors.

An open partnership between Konica Minolta, MOBOTIX and Panasonic i-PRO developed the solution package. Longstanding personal and professional contacts between MOBOTIX and Panasonic in the USA helped accelerate the full cooperation, as essential trust was already in place. MOBOTIX state-of-the-art video surveillance technology is already playing a key role in the project to contain infectious diseases. In addition to people with conspicuous body surface temperature, this solution and a Konica Minolta camera app will also be used to detect people without a mask from December 2020.

The system does not replace medical equipment nor does it detect infectious diseases, but effectively supports their containment by initiating medical follow-up examinations and intervention in case of specific abnormalities.