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Powerful AI Solutions for a Proactive Security System

Scylla is a real-time physical threat detection solution. We utilize AI and computer vision to detect objects, actions, and behavior anomalies. As we aim to bring the best of AI video analytics to the market, we are delighted to work together with MOBOTIX as their camera readings are more coherent compared to alternatives on the market.

Scylla AI-powered solutions serve to improve every part of your security infrastructure and range from robust gun and abandoned object detection, anomaly detection & behavior recognition, to perimeter intrusion detection, false alarm filtering, and industrial temperature monitoring. Scylla solutions are among the most accurate and sensitive AI-powered technologies on the market, effectively filtering up to 99% of false positives that are normally a major cause of noise fatigue, time loss and additional expenses.

Especially in the area of Thermal Screening we have intensified our cooperation with MOBOTIX due to the high quality of the hardware. Scylla AI works on MOBOTIX thermographic cameras enabling continuous, real-time thermal scanning for lithium-ion battery overheating, heating of transformers and electrical substations, skin surface temperature monitoring, and more. Learn more at:

By combining our expertise, we provide powerful technology for safety and smooth operation for various application areas, including healthcare, manufacturing, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, educational facilities, events and sports venues and more.

Apart from strong cooperation in the thermal screening space, Scylla and MOBOTIX have also joined their forces to release a comprehensive physical threat detection solution to help better protect healthcare facilities. The combination of our technologies provides a platform that can help healthcare organizations improve patient safety, protect staff and reduce costs. Learn more at


Key Features & Benefits

Thermal Screening (on-the-go thermal screening while maintaining accuracy +/-0.2°C without a human operator)
Gun Detection and Active Shooter Tracking in real time
Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition (detection of slips and falls, aggressive behavior, and suspicious shopping behavior that can result in shoplifting)
Perimeter Intrusion Detection and up to 99% False Alarm Filtering
Facial Recognition and Role-based Access Control
Smoke and Fire Detection
Abandoned Object Detection (detection of FOD, abandoned objects, litter)
Centralized Control and Maintenance, no human operator required

Why choose MOBOTIX and Scylla together?

+ Both Scylla and MOBOTIX bring extensive threat detection experience, with a shared goal to reduce the risks and losses from high-impact scenarios. + Solutions and products can be effectively customized to meet each customer’s needs and seamlessly integrate into the existing security infrastructure. + Advanced technologies that allow you to provide better safety and obtain standard compliance certificates. + Scylla and MOBOTIX work together seamlessly by design. + Both Scylla and MOBOTIX offer advanced technology that improves safety and reduces routine human labor. + High quality, accurate and reliable products mean that you can rely on your Scylla and MOBOTIX solution to perform year after year.

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