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AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety and operations

The Vaidio™ AI Vision Platform orchestrates multiple AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs across the industry’s broadest array of video analytics. Vaidio solutions are deployed by government organizations, airport and maritime authorities, defense departments, schools and campuses, manufacturing and healthcare facilities and other critical infrastructure organizations across the globe to rapidly detect, track, identify, search, and view thousands of objects and receive real-time notifications of critical events. Vaidio’s patented self-learning video analytics software works with any MOBOTIX IP-camera.

Vaidio AI Vision Appliance is an out of the box ready-to-use AI video analytics solution with pretrained self-learning AI models supporting over 130 analytics features. Vaidio brings market leading performance, speed and accuracy to security while helping customers quickly analyze video data. The open architecture technology from Vaidio opens a broad range of interesting integration opportunities with MOBOTIX high-resolution digital, network-based video security systems. With this strategic partnership we can cover an extensive variety of applications and innovative solutions to address the demands in the key surveillance verticals to the benefit of our mutual customers.


Key Features & Benefits

Plugin fully integrates Vaidio with MOBOTIX HUB
Video streams managed entirely within MOBOTIX HUB for better data security
Vaidio events and alarm messaging routed through Vaidio plugin into MOBOTIX HUB in real time
Vaidio video search function integrated in MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client
One Vaidio server adds an ever growing suite of video analytics options to any MOBOTIX HUB camera
Complementary forensic video search capabilities; identify the event with Vaidio, contextualize it in MOBOTIX HUB
Manage multiple sites centrally, similar to MOBOTIX HUB

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