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Smart-barox plugin for MOBOTIX HUB

We as barox offer network solutions tailored to the needs of the modern video security market. Together with MOBOTIX we share more than two decades of innovation and are proudly developing our products with the same passion and dedication as we did the day we were founded. Our extensive passion and understanding for the video media led both our teams to build exactly what was needed to provide Unique Task Oriented Architecture (TOA) for the Network.

By integrating our switch management into the MOBOTIX HUB, the user and the installer of a video network is provided with a very helpful tool that allows to reduce effort and costs for the construction and operation of a video network.


Key Features & Benefits

barox switches can be actively integrated into MOBOTIX HUB VMS
Actively monitor your whole video network and all the cameras connected to it
Switch manufactueres for the video surveillance market
Cyber Security is an integral part of the design
Integrated Device Management System (DMS)
barox products provide numerous helpful network monitoring functions
Enables the visualization and analysis of all hardware and connectivity

About barox

barox Kommunikation AG, the manufacturer of IT switches designed specifically for the video surveillance market, has released ‘smart-barox’, a DMS SNMP plug-in that greatly extends MOBOTIX HUB Video Management Software usability barox is one of the leading IT switch manufactueres for the video surveillance market. As a company we design products to address the specialist requirements that are essential to a surveillance network. It has been designed to cope with the special requirements of IP video; to reduce replacement costs and to cut ongoing expenses by minimizing setup time and journeys to site. Our switches include special functions e.g. cameras are periodically pinged to check status. If they fail to respond, PoE is taken away to re-boot the switch and the fault is logged. Fault logging allows you to understand and pinpoint network and device issues much faster.

Contact us for further information on barox Kommunikation GmbH

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