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Infinite Scalability and Zero-loss Failover for MOBOTIX HUB Infrastructure

The Tiger Surveillance suite of infrastructure-enhancing plug-ins for MOBOTIX HUB is designed to extend and protect camera recordings on premises, in any cloud tier or any private data center.

Surveillance Bridge, data management and protection software, automatically moves less frequently accessed video from your local drive to affordable cloud storage tiers or a private data center. Free up local space by turning bulky video files into zero-byte stubs that point to an off-site location. With Surveillance Bridge, organizations dealing with increasing corporate mandates can also benefit from the fastest possible recovery in the event of a disaster.

Surveillance HA, seamless zero data loss failover software, enables enterprises and governmental institutions to protect their critical infrastructure and meet compliance requirements by ensuring access to camera recordings at all times.

MOBOTIX HUB works as usual as all data still appears local. Users always have access to the recorded data and can play the desired camera material.

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Key Features & Benefits

Zero-disruption solution - no change to existing infrastructure or operations
Software-only – fast, easy, and flexible deployments
100% integrated with MOBOTIX HUB
Unlimited storage extension and DR - any cloud storage tier and private data center
Works when internet is down – always-on NOT required
Preserves security and chain of custody
Seamless failover for Management, SQL, and Recording Servers
Fault tolerant solution – no data loss before and after a failure event

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