le 12 janvier 2023

MOBOTIX M16 Thermal Receives Fire Protection Certification Also in Austria

Langmeil, January 2023 - The test center for fire protection technology of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (PBST) has confirmed that the MOBOTIX M16 Thermal infrared camera system for temperature monitoring has successfully passed the tests for fire alarm systems. With this test according to TRVB 123 S - Fire Alarm Systems (TRVB = Technical Guidelines for Preventive Fire Protection) and the positive test report, the MOBOTIX camera can also be installed in existing fire alarm systems in Austria itself.


"The camera tested by PBST is an M16 Thermal TR, which can also use an optical sensor. This combination of the thermal and optical image was noted particularly positively by the tester as an additional benefit. We would like to use this confidence and tailwind to our advantage in the attractive market for fire prevention. In Austria, a roadshow in Linz and other local partner events are already planned," says MOBOTIX Vice President Sales EMEA, Christian Heller. The market for fire protection technology in Austria reached a total volume of 233 million euros in 2021, with an increase of 4% compared to the previous year. (Source: Association of Austrian Security Companies).


MOBOTIX thermal camera technology has already been certified by three internationally recognized institutions: VdS (VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH), EN 54-10 (EU standard), and CNPP (French National Center for Prevention and Protection). In this context, MOBOTIX Thermal systems were comprehensively tested and certified for their ability to detect fires at the earliest possible stage. The certificates allow integration into existing fire alarm systems. In addition to comprehensive all-around fire protection, the systems meet insurance companies' requirements and building regulations.



MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten: "MOBOTIX is a leader in fire protection."

"With the TRVB 123 S test from Austria, we were able to convince the fourth internationally recognized institution of the capabilities of our camera systems for early fire detection. In the thermal sector, we are setting standards across the board and leading the way in fire protection," says Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX AG. "All of our cameras, whether equipped with optical or thermal sensor modules, are among the most robust currently available on the market. 'Made in Germany' stands for long-term maintenance-free operation. No product leaves the production halls in Langmeil / Rhineland-Palatinate untested. In addition, MOBOTIX solutions stand for the highest cyber security, DSGVO, and NDAA compliance," said Lausten.