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MxDisplay is a wall-mountable Building Automation Server with touchscreen display, incorporating WiFi and RFID functionality. From this central glass console, you can add and configure all MOBOTIX devices. Multiple MxDisplay devices can be wirelessly connected, each being powered via PoE. MxDisplay is often referred to as a “smart phone on the wall” because it can be operated using swipe and zoom gesture control, just like a smart phone. With a few swipes, the user can see an overview of several cameras, retrieve the latest video messages or create a new access transponder card for a visitor.

MOBOTIX MxDisplay Features

  • Intercom with live image
  • Activate electric door opener and switch lights
  • HD audio technology for high-quality voice connections between MxDisplay and camera
  • Start an instant recording directly in the live image
  • Play back mailbox and event recordings of door stations and cameras
  • Integrated event search and player features
  • Extensive RFID and access control features:
    • Train and manage RFID cards/transponders and access PINs
    • Create users and lock MxDisplay features for specific users
    • Scheduled access control for RFID cards and PIN codes
    • Combined access control of RFID card plus PIN
  • Simple installation, optional wireless network connection
  • WiFi functionality with different modes:
    • Client: MxDisplay is used as a WiFi client in an existing WiFi network
    • Extend Network (AP): MxDisplay is used as a WiFi access point for other devices (smartphones, tablets) in the same WiFi network for all devices
    • Separate Network (AP): MxDisplay is used as a WiFi access point in a separate WiFi network and also has a connection to the camera network (e.g., for different apartments without individual WiFi routers)
    • Camera Gateway (Client): MxDisplay is used as a WiFi client in a WiFi network that is different from the camera network (e.g., for different apartments with individual WiFi routers)
  • Building automation features programmable (lights, shutters, etc.)
  • Configuration of important camera settings
  • Management of MxDisplay and system configurations
  • Language support (DE, EN, FR, PT (Brazil), ES, IT)

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