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FF Group NumberOk Edge ANPR MOBOTIX App

The MOBOTIX ANPR camera (based on MOBOTIX 7 platform) is the fastest ANPR camera in the EUCA region (EU, CIS, Turkey, Israel and Palestine, New Zealand and Australia) for traffic monitoring and management.

FF Group ANPR application has been successfully integrated within MxMC Smart Data Interface MOBOTIX and shows the highest results at speed:

- up to 120 km/h on 2 lanes simultaneously,

- up to 200 km/h on 1 lane

with accuracy higher than 95% (from general traffic count) and close to 99% (from detected vehicles count) .

Designed to read Latin and Hebrew characters.

The FF Group ANPR application recognizes number plates directly on camera, compares with black and white lists and sends data to the camera platform for reaction. Customer can easily configure the Recognition Zone in the app. Alarms are transmitted through the MxMessageSystem.

Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits

License Plate Recognition on camera
Country definition
B/W lists management on camera
Native integration with MxManagementCenter for data processing and visualization
>95 ANPR accuracy
Open API for 3rd party software integration
Hebrew and Latin symbols recognition

About FF Group

FF Group offers intelligent security AI solutions on EDGE which can help in smart city and parking concept development. The company implements a range of unique, smart and cost-effective solutions built on vehicle plate, make, model, color, type, direction detection recognition technology, “camera-to-camera” technology, etc. The solutions are based on deep Front Edge Recognition & Computation expertise, many years of experience in data science, huge accumulated datasets, own mathematical approaches and deep learning. FF Group develops its own unique algorithm of image recognition, software for PC, VP, ARM- and GPU-based platforms.

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