le 14 octobre 2021

MOBOTIX and Konica Minolta join forces on the Italian market

Milan, September 21, 2021 –  Konica Minolta Italia, already a MOBOTIX Gold Partner since 2019, will become an official distributor of MOBOTIX AG to combine the competencies of both companies, offering added value to the Italian market. The alliance between MOBOTIX and Konica Minolta will enable both companies to expand their offerings and develop new solutions for the market, thanks to a joint, organic and structured approach to vertical markets.
Konica Minolta's innovation and technical expertise, together with the reliability and versatility of MOBOTIX's state-of-the-art solutions, will result in a partnership that can meet applications far beyond standard video surveillance. This is especially true for the industrial, logistics, transportation, healthcare and retail sectors.

Logo Konica Minolta

"In recent years, the needs of end-users have changed significantly. A new demand for video surveillance has emerged that goes far beyond the concept of security. An intelligent solution must meet the highest security standards and provide end-users with a tangible return on investment. It must respond very quickly to changes by monitoring and optimizing workflows, processes and productivity. It's no longer just about managing security, but managing data, information and everything related to it as quickly as possible," said Alberto Vasta, Country Manager Italy and Malta at MOBOTIX.

"To understand the importance of this partnership, you have to get away from the concept of classic video surveillance. Artificial intelligence combined with camera technology can cover a wide field of upcoming applications. The industry is significantly improving quality and productivity. It reduces errors and associated costs. Retailers gain new data vital for competitiveness, and labor improves its working and safety conditions. All this while ensuring the highest standards of data privacy and cybersecurity. As Konica Minolta, we are proud to sign this prestigious partnership," adds Massimiliano Macchia, Digital Solutions Director of Konica Minolta Italy.

The reasons for an increased need for security can vary greatly depending on the market segment. Therefore, the two companies will develop business activities for companies in key vertical markets to offer clear added value.

End users will have the opportunity to experience MOBOTIX technology first-hand in Italy at Digital Imaging Square, Konica Minolta's showroom in Milan. They will share real-time video analytics applications, apps and images from the German multinational company's video surveillance systems.