All MOBOTIX camera models and the video management system MxManagementCenter are conform to ONVIF standards

In addition to all current IoT and MOVE cameras from MOBOTIX, the video management system MxManagementCenter is now also ONVIF-compliant (Profile S, Version 2.0 or higher) and can therefore also integrate ONVIF cameras from third-party vendors. This makes MOBOTIX partners and customers much more flexible and efficient when planning new security solutions and expanding existing MOBOTIX systems. The ONVIF integration also allows MOBOTIX users to integrate their solutions fully with other ONVIF compatible systems e.g. access control, Video Management Systems etc.


ONVIF ( stands for Open Network Video Interface Forum and is a worldwide open standard for IP-based security products such as surveillance cameras. "ONVIF compatibility enables MOBOTIX partners and customers to implement security solutions from individually combined components, such as cameras, recording devices, accessories or video management software”, explains MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten.


ONVIF compliance also enables new functions. The Mx6 camera platform can now be used to generate an H.264 stream in addition to the MxPEG and MJPEG video codecs. "This allows us to participate in tenders where H.264 or ONVIF-S is mandatory, which significantly expands the market potential of MOBOTIX," says Lausten.