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Securing Schools since 1999

Qualified young talent will shape the future of our society. Making sure that educational institutions are safe and secure is a highly sensitive issue. Whether at a kindergarten through high school, or at university or private learning institute effective learning requires a calm and safe environment. High-end video technology can be instrumental in shielding students from disruption.

How MOBOTIX technology turns the learning environment into a feel-good environment



  • Do not disrupt the learning environment
  • Busy environment (cameras accessible)
  • Wind & weather
  • Moisture & humidity
  • Extensive grounds

Impenetrable Fortresses!

Hold Tight. That Goes for Digital Too: Top Cybersecurity Included

CYBER SECURITY is a top priority at MOBOTIX. It's a sensitive issue, particularly in schools, universities and academic institutions. Young people's personal data and academic results need to be protected, as do the findings of research. MOBOTIX solutions are widely recognized for excellent cybersecurity. The MOBOTIX Cactus Concept sets standards in the video surveillance industry that you can rely on.

Cactus Concept



Proven in Practice

Global success in education and science

St. Andre College FR
Епископская школа Сан-Андре
Чтобы обеспечить безопасность всех людей на территории епископской школы Сан-Андре в Кольмаре, требовалось установить новую охранную видеосистему.
Edmond Rice College AUS
Колледж Эдмунда Райса
Колледж Эдмунда Райса — это независимая католическая школа для мальчиков на юго-западе Сиднея. Аналоговая система видеонаблюдения школы, созданная в 1980-х годах, частично вышла из строя и не могла обеспечить эффективную защиту здания и помещений.
Education Francis Parker School USA
K-12 Private School, USA
• Large nine-hectare campus is reliably monitored
• Surveillance + access system + emergency and communication system in one solution = extremely cost-effective
• System can be used to broadcast announcements throughout the campus

Mx Education - Da Vinci College
Da Vinci College, Roosendaal, NL
• Video system is discreetly integrated into a pleasant learning environment
• Impressive quality, durability, service and price — with low maintenance requirements.
• System is intuitive to use, saving human resources and expertise that are already in short supply

High-End Video Surveillance

Wide portfolio of solutions tailored to your needs

Digital is Pivotal!

The MOBOTIX 7 platform includes special apps for the M73 high-end camera. The applications take advantage of artificial intelligence and deep learning. In other words, the software is specifically tailored to individual applications using calcula-tion methods and operating instructions.

The MOBOTIX 7 platform can already cover a significant number of industry-specific applications with its special apps. It is also open for apps developed by our partners and customers themselves. This means that practically every conceivable application can be mapped.The possibilities are virtually endless!



All Certified Apps


MOBOTIX Certified App: AI Lost
AI-Lost allows to detect abandoned and/or removed objects.
This video analytic module is able to detect suspicious behaviors of persons staying in a given area for a long time, that can be configured by the human operator.
The video analytic app can be employed in areas where it exists a transit area or a gate to which it is possible to associate a virtual crossing line
The AI-Crowd app can be employed in crowded areas where persons can stop or slowly move, even determining queueing situations.
The app solution can be used for those areas in which they occur large crowding situations and within which the person may remain stationary or move in slow motion, determining also queuing situations.
The app identifies the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside the scene, thus allowing to distinguish between the most visited areas and the less crowded ones.
It is the video analytic app which identifies the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside the scene, thus allowing to detect the over occupied areas, for example in case of queue.
AI-Intrusion PRO
The app reveals intrusions in sterile zones and crossing of virtual lines.
The App is monitoring parking areas, perimeter and non-perimeter. AI-PARKING assesses whether a parking spot is free or occupied, thanks to the use of advanced algorithms for detection and classification of vehicles based on deep networks.
AI-Fire is the video analytic app for the detection of flames in indoors environments, as well as in urban forests and parks.
The App detects smokes in indoors environments, as well as in urban forests and parks.

Together we meet particular challenges and are continuously developing new industry-specific complete solutions

The MOBOTIX solution partners provide their own intelligent application solutions for MOBOTIX technology, such as water-proof special housings or license plate recognition and authentication systems. The MOBOTIX technology partners are innovative manufacturers of complementary products that MOBOTIX has integrated into its own product. Together, we can offer you the best solutions for almost any special requirement with our pre-mium camera technology.

Positive Processes – Productive Partner Projects

Technology Partner



Technology Partners are leading manufacturers in their own market space who have combined and integrated their complementary products with MOBOTIX. This combination of our innovative products will not only provide you with tried & tested value added benefits it will also help to create new market opportunities and allow you to expand your business into new segments.


All Technology Partners

Solution Partner



Solution Partners are established MOBOTIX Partners who have gone one step further and applied their own creative intelligence and technological know-how to produce value-added additional functions designed around, and integrated with, our own unique technology to produce possibilities to further expand the deployment and functionality of a MOBOTIX solution. Not only are these solutions for MOBOTIX products tailor-made they are also instantly deployable and will allow you to easily add extra dimensions to your product offerings.


All Solution Partners

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