Feature-packed interface for operating security systems

MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client is an easy-to-use application for the daily operation and overview of security systems. The optimized user interface provides intuitive and powerful functionality for managing a video security system, regardless of its size.

The MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client works extremely effectively. It supports hardware-accelerated video decoding. Thanks to external graphics cards (GPU), you can view and monitor up to five times as many high-resolution streams with a lower CPU load.

Use advanced tools such as the centralized "Search" function. This allows you to quickly and effectively search for movements, bookmarks, events, alarms, and ONVIF-compliant metadata, all in one place. When combined with the easy-to-navigate video timeline, you can quickly and accurately investigate incidents. Using the special export options, you can compile relevant video evidence for a complete overview of specific incidents.

The MOBOTIX HUB's open architecture enables a variety of security and system applications to be integrated, making search criteria such as border crossing, object in the field and license plate recognition (LPR) directly accessible from the "Search" tab. This saves time and money.

HUB Desk Client

Work effectively with state-of-the-art technology

HUB Pro Map
Optimal video performance

The Desk Client renders videos using hardware-accelerated decoding for exceptional display performance and video quality

Low overall operating costs

Transferring decoding from the software to the graphics processor greatly relieves the load on the CPU. This reduces the cost of the hardware.

Interactive Pro Map

Thanks to the comprehensive overview of camera locations and the entire surveillance installation, you can quickly identify problem areas. Via the Pro Map function, you can use GIS and CAD drawings, online map services such as Google and Bing, and OpenStreetMap.

Overlay buttons

Cameras, camera-integrated devices and other connected systems can be efficiently controlled directly from the camera view

Virtual joystick control

Easily control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras via integrated windows

Advanced multi-screen operation

Work efficiently with lots of cameras across multiple screens

Seamless integration of extensions

Operators can access and manage all MOBOTIX HUB extensions directly from the Desk Client.

Respond to incidents effectively

Alarm Manager

The single-point alarm function provides a clear overview of alarms and enables immediate access to cameras to detect incidents


Bookmark video sequences of particular interest. Add notes to share information easily and investigate incidents efficiently

Independent playback function

Replay events on a camera while watching live video from other cameras in the same view

Integrated support for the MOBOTIX HUB Video Wall

Operators can use the Video Wall (see MOBOTIX HUB add-ons) as a screen merge. This makes it easy and clear to share videos, alarms, plans and text information with other operators.

HUB Alarm Manager

Manage video evidence easily

HUB Search
Video timeline

Easily assemble video evidence using the convenient navigation with timeline, playback and export functions

Advanced Smart Search

Uses motion metadata to quickly and accurately identify motion sequences in specific user-defined areas of the camera view

Preservation of evidence

Users can manually extend the storage time for video recordings. This is particularly suitable for installations where a large number of investigations are managed.

Storyboard function

Combine sequences of events from different cameras into a coherent sequence to explain the events simply, objectively and clearly

MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client – Player

Use the video player with its high level of password protection and digital signature to watch video evidence. This allows you prevent unauthorized access to exported videos.

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