Thermal Technology for Quality Assurance

Monitor processes, reduce costs and boost profits


The targeted use of MOBOTIX thermal technology can help you to improve the quality and effectiveness of your processes and to protect valuable equipment, saving you money and boosting profits.

Efficient Processes

Monitor processes and ensure product quality

MOBOTIX thermal technology can be used to monitor two key aspects of process and quality assurance — the optimal performance of your machines and processes and the excellent quality of your products.

Process and Temperature Monitoring

Downtime costs money. Avoid machine downtimes by closely monitoring critical process and ambient temperatures or extreme temperature fluctuations. MOBOTIX thermal technology allows you to keep an eye on all of your processes and intervene immediately if necessary. This also applies to incidents such as gas or pipe leaks. The success story of Swiss cookware manufacturer Kuhn Rikon shows how thermal technology can help to increase profits by 5% through targeted process monitoring.

Monitor Product Quality at All Times

A wide range of production processes have specific requirements for the temperature of the raw materials used, the intermediate products or the final product. MOBOTIX thermal technology enables you to intervene as soon as tolerance limits are exceeded or if they are not met. And this can really pay off! For example, a customer from the foundry sector could save up to 720,000 euro per year by using targeted temperature monitoring. 

Maintaining cold chains during storage or transport can also be critical to product quality. MOBOTIX thermal cameras automatically detect and report critical temperature deviations of any kind, whether in hot, warm or cold conditions.

Integration into Industrial Software — Making the Most of Data

The intelligent MOBOTIX thermal systems can be connected to industrial systems such as SCADA or MQTT using interfaces for machine-to-machine communication. This integration makes it possible to merge centralized data. Collecting, merging and analyzing data provides key starting points for analyzing and optimizing processes, which in turn lead to savings and increases in profit.

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Preventive Maintenance

Detect wear in good time and avoid machine downtime

Equipment and component downtime is expensive and costs the operator money. Reliably detect wear, excessive loads or damage through non-contact measurement with MOBOTIX thermal technology — no matter what time of day your machines operate. This technology can also ensure the effective monitoring of systems that are difficult to access, or even completely inaccessible. The adjacent video shows a cement mill where thermal technology constantly monitors the level of wear by measuring the material density.


MOBOTIX Thermal Video Technology

Precise, robust, durable and reliable — even under extreme conditions