MOBOTIX MOVE SD-230 SpeedDome 2MP Low-Light

Color mode even in low light environments

The new MOBOTIX MOVE SD-230 2MP PTZ SpeedDome camera features enhanced light sensitivity of up to 0.001 lux. In the event of external influences such as vandalism or vibrations, the motorized Outdoor PTZ camera immediately returns to its original position thanks to servo feedback technology. It is easy to install and ready to use.




  • Weatherproof 2MP network camera with H.264, H.265, ONVIF S/G/T and WDR
  • Motor-controlled, fine-mechanical tilting and panning function
  • Servo feedback avoids drifting in case of vandalism or vibration
  • Low-light camera module with 2MP resolution (1945 x 1097)
  • High light sensitivity (min. 0.001 lx in black and white mode/0.02 lux in color mode)
  • Automatic day/night switching with infrared blocking filter
  • IP66, IK10, ambient temperature range: -40 to 55 °C (-40°F to 131°F)
  • MOBOTIX EverClear nano-coating for the highest image quality even in the rain


Nano-coating for the highest image quality even in the rain

The new, groundbreaking MOBOTIX EverClear coating uses a special nano-technology that transforms water droplets into an ultra-thin water film immediately upon impact. This ensures the highest picture quality in the rain. The coating also reduces reflection and noise in low light. In addition, the self-cleaning MOBOTIX EverClear increases the stability and scratch resistance of the camera dome, reducing maintenance. 

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