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All-round solutions with intelligent MOBOTIX video technology for

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  • Car washes
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All-Round Security

Prevent attacks, protect employees and customers, avoid damage


At a gas station, fuel, shopping area and cash register are all security risks because they are potential targets for thieves and criminals. Intelligent video systems from MOBOTIX can provide an early warning system, help with the investigation and act as a deterrent.

Perimeter Protection (Break-Ins)

Expensive goods in the store (tobacco/alcohol) or tools and machines in garages are attractive to burglars. MOBOTIX cameras reliably detect intruders in good time, day and night. Optical modules and intelligent apps ensure all-round security in both natural and artificial lighting, while thermal technology, such as MOBOTIX Thermal Eco modules, provides excellent visibility even in complete darkness. MOBOTIX thermal technology also allows areas to be monitored in a way that is GDPR-compliant and respects privacy. This means that approaching individuals are detected but not identified, given that the camera only provides thermal imaging.

Raid Protection

Reliably protecting stores and cash register areas against robbery is a must. Optimal MOBOTIX image quality ensures that perpetrators can be reliably identified. MOBOTIX WDR technology means that individuals can be clearly identified, even when there is influence from external sunlight or backlighting. As a gas station operator, you can decide whether to use discreet cameras to maintain an aesthetic store appearance, or to make video systems clearly visible and use them as a deterrent. MOBOTIX offers suitable systems for both of these strategies.

Theft Protection in the Store

Just like in supermarkets, shoplifting is also a cause of irritating losses in gas station stores. MOBOTIX video systems can effectively help to convict thieves and hold them accountable. A single hemispherical camera is able to monitor large areas with its comprehensive 360° all-round view. With the MOBOTIX S74 and sensor cables that can reach up to 34 m with the long cable extender, you can simultaneously monitor the store and cash register using a single camera and two sensors. This saves both acquisition and installation costs.

Investigating Gas Theft

Professional MOBOTIX video technology allows incidents to be reproduced and used as evidence in court, facilitating the process for catching gas thieves. The MOBOTIX S74 offers reliable license plate and vehicle recognition on two 4K image sensors simultaneously at two different installation locations (e.g. entrance and exit). Thanks to the MOBOTIX long pass filter—which can handle even the most challenging lighting conditions—reflective license plates which are lit up by visible or IR light can also be detected easily in the dark (no more overexposure).

Alongside license plate recognition, the Make Model Color app also recognizes the color, manufacturer, model and type of vehicle. You can link this data to authorization lists. This data can then be used, for example, to regulate the use of charging/refueling operations, washing systems or parking areas without the need for staff.

Early Fire Detection

Gas stations are fire-sensitive environments, meaning fire protection plays a major role. This is where MOBOTIX thermal cameras show their strengths. The cameras are recognized by the Schadenverhütung institute (VdS) for fire protection and/or have EN54-10 certification. Moreover, fire or smoke detection apps are a valuable addition to all-round fire protection.

Vandalism Prevention

Long opening hours until late at night, the opportunity to purchase alcohol and isolated locations also contribute to gas stations being potential targets. MOBOTIX video surveillance can help to deter perpetrators and convict troublemakers.

Identifying People Loitering

Individuals loitering at gas stations do not only disturb customers, they also pose a potential threat to employees and past experience shows that they are more likely to commit theft, robbery or vandalism. Loitering can be a sign of scouting out a new target. MOBOTIX offers video analysis which allows you to detect suspicious behavior and trigger alarms.

Process Optimization

Improve processes, analyze situations, evaluate data

SPAR Kasse

Each gas station or rest stop is its own unique environment, where individuals, processes and services have to work perfectly together to make sure that everything runs smoothly. MOBOTIX cameras with intelligent apps help to make the experience more attractive to customers and the processes more economical for the operator.

Recording Utilization of Gas Pumps/Charging Points

Video cameras can be used to determine the utilization of gas pumps and electric charging points. This is particularly beneficial if the relevant gas stations are completely unstaffed or only staffed for part of the day.

Marketing Analysis/Store

Stores make a significant contribution to the profitability of gas stations. MOBOTIX video technology can help collect valuable data about customer behavior. For example, heat maps provide information about movement (walking routes) in the store. Appropriate placement/relocation of products can have a positive impact on sales.

Marketing Analysis/Vehicles

Using license plate recognition, leaseholders of gas stations and rest stops can learn more about where their customers come from. This means that advertising can be targeted regionally or the product range can be adapted, for example. The Make Model Color app can also provide important information for this purpose (e.g. related to accessory ranges for specific vehicle brands).

Queue Detection

Targeted detection of queues supports efficient staffing, particularly in service stations and large establishments where the entire area cannot be monitored at once. For example, if bottlenecks occur at individual food outlets, staff can be redeployed immediately to handle the situation. Video analysis from MOBOTIX detects queues or overcrowding in specific areas.

Facial Recognition

Intelligent image analysis (e.g. the age and gender of the customer) helps optimize the product range according to the customer structure. Based on the data collected, digital advertising displays can also be individually adapted with gender- or age-specific advertising messages.


Create transparency, deal with complaints, prevent operating errors


In the cash register and store area, MOBOTIX systems help to check whether any "favors", misappropriation or complaints arise during payment. The cameras also help to prevent and investigate instances where technical equipment (such as gas pumps, vacuum cleaners or washing systems) are operated or used incorrectly.

Goods Control (Inventory Discrepancies)

Inventory discrepancies result in substantial losses in the retail industry. This also applies to gas station stores. Almost one third of theft is attributable to employees and suppliers. The high-resolution images provided by MOBOTIX cameras enable incidents to be documented, traced and clarified.

Cash Register/Payment Processes

MOBOTIX video technology can be connected to networked cash register systems, enabling synchronous evaluation of transaction data and video footage via smart data interfaces. This makes it possible to unambiguously clarify irregularities such as cash register discrepancies or "favors" for customers and staff. The ability to search for data by item, price, time or staff number makes this even easier.

Handling Complaints

Complaints related to car washes are especially common. Video footage can be used to determine whether the vehicle damage that the customer is complaining about was already present before entering the car wash. The processes within the car wash can also be checked. The MOBOTIX systems have a robust, weather-resistant design, which means that they can easily handle high and low temperatures as well as spray water.

Detecting Operating Errors

In addition to operating errors or misconduct in car washes, there is also potential for errors during the refueling process. It is often the case that electric vehicles run over or park on cables. Using MOBOTIX video systems, this damage can be investigated. Damage caused by customers driving away with the gas filling nozzle still attached can also be tracked in this way. 

Tracing Contamination

When handling fuels or lubricants, contamination or illegal disposal may occur intentionally or accidentally. This is irritating and can even be harmful to the environment or people's health. With high-resolution images from MOBOTIX, incidents can be prevented and investigated.

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MOBOTIX Benefits

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  • Excellent image quality with high resolution
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  • Collect, link and analyze data to ensure smooth processes
  • Small number of cameras can oversee a large area (ROI)
  • MOBOTIX HUB and CLOUD provide an easy way to monitor multiple sites (franchise/multiple locations)
  • Certified fire protection (VdS approved)

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