MxManagementCenter (MxMC)

Просто. Профессионально. Бесплатно.


MxManagementCenter (MxMC) is the powerful, intuitive MOBOTIX video management system for Windows and macOS that meets the ONVIF S industry standard. Although the standard equipment becomes more and more extensive from version to version, the already top equipped (basic) version of MxMC is completely free of charge. In MxMC, MOBOTIX IoT and MOVE cameras can be integrated free of charge and external ONVIF-S cameras or MOBOTIX cameras with activated H.264 video codec can be integrated for attractive one-time license fees.

Main functions of MxMC:

  • Camera management with graphically oriented program operation
  • Convenient, free camera and camera group configuration
  • Live Video Surveillance
  • Alarm handling (including Public Holidays)
  • Research, analysis and reproduction of records
  • Data export
  • Integration and operation of door stations
  • Integration of MOBOTIX NAS and MxThinClient
  • Activation of App Licenses for MOBOTIX 7 Cameras
  • Optional additional licenses: Universal Smart Data interface (e.g. POS integration, CarReader license plate recognition), Advanced Service, integration of H.264 cameras
  • Security functions incl. user rights and health check
  • Extensive online help



Online Help


Video Tutorials

New features of version MxMC 2.3:
  • Group Sequencer
  • Toolbar Option für Fokusfenster der Grid-Ansicht
  • MOBOTIX 7 Apps Unterstützung
  • Aktualisierte AITech-Ansichten mit Links zum Browser
  • Pre-Konfigurations-Modus für 3rd party VMS und MOBOTIX CLOUD
  • Vereinfachte NAS-Integration
New features of version MxMC 2.4:
  • Further optimization of certificate management, which further increases the security and protection of the camera network.

  • Visualization of events and event peaks in the histogram is now also possible horizontally (previously only vertically).

  • Integration of the new license plate recognition apps from FF Group and Vaxtor

New features of version MxMC 2.4.2:
  • MOBOTIX LIVE Export: Export all cameras of your current project. This file can be used to import the cameras including their connection settings and access data into your MOBOTIX LIVE App.
  • Action Log Backup Path: You can now add an optional backup path for the action log. A readable version of the current action log is stored in this location.
  • MOBOTIX Certificates: The behavior of how certificates of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are verified has been changed. This is similar to MOBOTIX IoT cameras.
New features of version MxMC 2.4.3:
  • Support for all Certified Apps from Vaxtor and FFGroup
  • Bugfixes

New with the current version 2.4: Integration Integration of the new FF Group and Vaxtor license plate recognition apps

  • Read all data (license plate number, time) captured by the new FF Group und Vaxtor license plate recognition apps and stored in the camera directly in MxManagementCenter

  • Filter or search for specific data/labels

  • even possible across multiple cameras with license plate recognition apps

MxMC 2.4 LPR

New with the version 2.3.2: Improved cumulative counting corridor evaluation

MxMC now also allows the higher-level evaluation of MxAnalytics Counting Corridors of several integrated cameras and the display of the overall result calculated from this in a separate dialog.