Fire Protection & Batteries: New technology creates new challenges and opportunities

Lithium-ion batteries have increased in industry and private households, especially concerning renewable energy and e-mobility. The use and storage of battery technology are challenging for companies from production, logistics and recycling, especially in fire risk and extinguishing processes.


A Task for MOBOTIX Thermal Technology

Protection of numerous industries and application areas

MOBOTIX thermal cameras identify fire sources remotely by detecting critical temperature thresholds reliably and at an early stage. They often detect these thresholds before a fire occurs, even from distances of up to 60 meters. This means that the spread of the fire can be effectively fought or, in an ideal scenario, prevented altogether.

1 | Industry and Energy Generators (Energy Buffer)

In many industrial areas and energy generators, such as solar farms, wind farms, and wherever energy peaks are present, the accumulated capacity of grouped batteries is used as an energy buffer. These need reliable protection as enormous damage occurs in the event of a fire. Professional battery monitoring pays directly into ROI.

2 | Industry (Production)

If batteries are produced or assembled in the industry (e.g., e-vehicles), you want to detect anomalies as early as possible to isolate the batteries from the production process.

3 | Warehouses

Often thousands of battery cells are stored in warehouses. In an incident, this means several million euros in damages and liability. If the danger is recognized quickly, an automatic forklift forklift truck, for example, can remove defective batteries from the storage position and move them to explosion-proof areas.

4 | Logistics

When transporting batteries or e-vehicles (transfer), on trucks and trains, or car ferries, mobile variants of the MOBOTIX solution can monitor the entire transport process.

5 | Underground garages, parking garages and private garages

Here, security for wall boxes (typically 20-kW battery for residential buildings) plays an essential role. In some countries, the law requires an early warning system. In danger, the system can trigger an alarm, extinguish systems, or send messages.

6 | E-filling Stations

At e-fueling stations, improper handling can lead to incidents. In addition to securing charging operations using thermal technology, other optical video analysis applications can increase utilization and safety at e-fueling stations.

7 | Disposal and Recycling

Damaged lithium-ion batteries are a recurring fire risk in waste disposal and recycling – especially when batteries are disposed of improperly and unrecognized in unspecified waste.


White Paper: Temperature Monitoring of Battery Packs or Stationary Power Supply

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Saving lives & assets with fast action

✔ Pre-detection of fire

✔ Locate and isolate damaged or burning batteries fast

✔ Alarm activation to inform and act

✔ SCADA systems integration

✔ 24/7 reliable battery monitoring

✔ Automate emergency measures

✔ Temperature data monitoring

✔ Emissivity per detection window (different surface)

Video Tutorial

See a brief tutorial on how to set up the Thermal Radiometry event and the Thermal Delta Analysis event and associate event-based actions with these two events.

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