Thermal Technology for Security

Reliable perimeter and property protection, even in total darkness



Intruders and burglars operate in the shadows. MOBOTIX thermal technology reliably and affordably detects uninvited guests, even in absolute darkness.

With its unique advantages, thermal imaging technology is indispensable to numerous security and surveillance applications. MOBOTIX thermal cameras reliably detect and report objects and people day and night.

Optimal Monitoring, Day and Night

People and the environment radiate different temperatures. MOBOTIX thermal technology makes these differences in temperature visible. Reliably detect people and objects in any light and weather conditions (dust, fog or smoke) — even in absolute darkness. Any suspicious individuals hiding behind bushes or in the shadows can be detected using a thermal imaging system.

Overlay Thermal and Real Images — Translation

MOBOTIX dual cameras (including the M73 Thermal and S74 Thermal) feature thermal imaging and optical sensors, allowing you to display thermal images in the "real image" (thermal overlay). 

Numbers, lettering, signs and other important features get lost when using thermal imaging. Making use of a separate "optical real image" makes sense for clearly locating the position and type of the thermal event. This enables hotspots, such as hazardous heat sources, to be immediately identified, and allows for quick intervention.

Long Distances — Early Detection

Thermal imaging enables threats to be detected at an early stage. MOBOTIX thermal cameras with telephoto lenses (viewing range of over 200 m) can detect objects from long distances, providing the best perimeter and property protection — day and night. In this context, perimeter protection generally refers to protecting the areas surrounding buildings or properties.

Thermal VGA Long Distance


Cost-effective thermal technology for basic applications

Smart Apps for Greater Accuracy and Fewer False Alarms 

Tried and Tested In Practice — Cross-Industry Security

MOBOTIX thermal technology plays a key role in providing reliable security for buildings, properties and plants in a wide range of industries, including premises such as industrial facilities, power plants, logistics companies, laboratories, municipal buildings, ports and airports.