The intelligent Data Center

Collect Data. Synchronize Information.
Increase Profit.

Use Business Intelligence as a new energy for your success: The MOBOTIX SYNC data management software expands the potential of video technology. Merge data, gain insights and create added value like never before with faster decisions, improved actions and cost savings.

New Application Scenarios 

Substantial value - e.g., for industry, logistics, traffic, and yard management

Use MOBOTIX SYNC to deliver business intelligence through actionable analytics. The use cases are almost unlimited - as the following examples indicate.

Your one-stop-shop - the system at a glance

Collect data

Capture video and metadata via Vaxtor OCR apps in MOBOTIX 7 and MOBOTIX MOVE ALPR cameras.

The apps read values from camera images using optical character recognition (OCR) and enrich data from various sources. This can be individual images, texts and metadata such as time or direction of movement.

MOBOTX SYNC can currently process data from the following apps:

Save data

The MOBOTIX SYNC Server stores the metadata and individual images of any number of apps and cameras in the system and structures them in lists, reports and events. 

In addition, a Video Management System can be used for classic use of the video data (e.g. MOBOTIX HUB).


Merge and visualize data

The intelligent MOBOTIX SYNC Data Center brings together complex volumes of data. Graphical evaluations and individual dashboards facilitate analysis for decision-making.


Analyze and use data

The data enables the automation of processes by transferring them in various formats to third-party systems via interfaces. In this way, you support plant and process control and quality assurance. In addition, documentation and the replay of data in the camera app are possible.
The insights from the data analysis (dashboards) also lead to decisions in the business process.

The fusion and synchronization of data with MOBOTIX SYNC bring you more security, more effective processes and higher profits.  

Secure Access - Convenient Operation  

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