MOBOTIX increases sales and profits in fiscal year 2019/20

MOBOTIX product related sales increased by 10.8% from € 61.3 million in the previous year, BY 2018/2019 to € 67.9 million in fiscal 2019/2020 which ended by end of September. 

Sales growth increased especially in the Americas by 58% based on a re-structure and new sales strategy focussing a partner program and vertical market focus.

Operating expenses in fiscal year 2019/20 decreased by 2% or € 0.8 million compared to the previous year due to the planned effects of the restructuring program that has been gradually implemented during the past years.

EBIT increased in BY 19/20 to € 6.2 million or € 3.0 million without the positive effect of capitalized development costs compared to € 2.0 million EBIT in the previous year, BY 2018/2019. 

The EBIT margin increased from 2.8% to 4.3%, in line with previous capital market forecasts.

"Our annual results for fiscal year 2019/20 confirm that MOBOTIX is developing in line with our restructuring program "Fit for the Future”. We plan further investments in Product innovation and our sales/marketing organisations to secure our global growth targets during the coming years. We experience an increased focus on cyber security and German quality systems from several global markets in line with our strategic focus," says CEO Thomas Lausten.

"We expect the audit and approval of the financial statements to be completed on November 26, 2020. All figures are therefore unaudited and preliminary. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for January 28, 2021," adds CFO Klaus Kiener.