Wood-fired Power Plant Lohbrügge, Germany

As the world's leading reference plant, the Ham-burg-Lohbrügge power plant converts 30,000 tons of wood into 9,000 kW of heat energy and 1,900 kW of elec-tricity each year. This saves 23,000 tons of CO2 per annum.

Seven MOBOTIX video systems document the process chain, from weighing and unloading, the combustion chamber, the ash container and ultimately the smoke cloud. With the MOBOTIX system, employees monitor the status and intervene remotely if the image from the combustion chamber indicates a discrepancy in the fuel. 

Cameras are subject to particularly harsh conditions. A highly temperature-resistant solution with fan cool-ing for combustion monitoring was developed with a MOBOTIX partner. The cameras run smoothly even after 18 months of continuous operation in dust. If the images become unclear, a compressed air nozzle cleans the lens. MOBOTIX technology on the chimney stack monitors the color and amount of smoke.