MOBOTIX, Hekatron Brandschutz and ITES: Innovative thermal cameras communicate with fire alarm & extinguisher control center

MOBOTIX and Hekatron Brandschutz teamed up in a joint project with ITES GmbH to implement optimal fire protection for the Swiss cookware manufacturer Kuhn Rikon. MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras are connected to the fire alarm & extinguisher control center Integral IP at Hekatron Brandschutz. The cameras monitor the production process for critical temperatures and intervene autonomously in the production process. Not only does the system trigger an alarm in the case of possible overheating, it automatically stops the production machine and starts the extinguishing process where necessary.


The M16 thermal cameras by MOBOTIX offer outstanding image resolution and enable precise monitoring of all danger zones within the Kuhn Rikon production workflow. In addition, the software package for the IP cameras allows tailored programming to suit the needs of the Swiss company. The compatibility with MOBOTIX and Hekatron Brandschutz, as well as the user-friendly and low-maintenance system convinced Kuhn Rikon. Continuous, precise temperature measurement also allows to optimize the production process by around 5 percent.


“This project highlights the importance of a smart hard and software solution for fire protection and production optimization. The intelligent safety systems make major contributions in other sectors as well, among them waste management or the petroleum and gas industries”, says MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten and adds: "This individual fire protection solution, which is optimal for the customer, can be regarded as a benchmark and shows how MOBOTIX products in combination with other technically equivalent safety systems can open up new markets worldwide.“