21 мая 2021

Two Future Technologies in Harmony:

MOBOTIX CLOUD Solution Ensures Smooth Operation at CITYWATT electric charging stations

Langmeil, May 2021 - It's hard to imagine German roads without electric vehicles. The increasing number of cars charging up with electricity is also creating a growing demand for reliable charging stations. CITYWATT,  a full-service provider of individual 360° e-charging station for business, is meeting this demand with video technology and the CLOUD solution from MOBOTIX. The first system has been installed at the fast-charging park in Thiersheim (Bavaria).

Several MOBOTIX M73 day/night IoT cameras with IR illuminators monitor the entrance and the grounds. Additional MOBOTIX MOVE dome cameras monitor the e-charging columns. The aim is to record images  to determine and document utilisation, operating errors, damage, or vandalism. 

Case Study Citywatt Ladestation

Remote overview with smartphone or tablet

It is a challenge for operators to keep track of everything. Since e-charging stations are usually operated without on-site personnel, the image data is stored in the MOBOTIX CLOUD. The operator then retrieves the data via the device of choice, such as a smartphone,  tablet or web browser with the highest level of data security. This enables direct, central monitoring and control of multiple sites around the clock. 

"The MOBOTIX CLOUD enables  our customers to use a professional MOBOTIX video system extremely easily.  In addition, the solution is scalable and very cost-effective, as no software, storage devices, or IT personnel are required," emphasises Christian Heller, MOBOTIX Sales Director DACH.

Ready for further growth, thanks to intelligent analysis tools 

It is important that the system functions reliably at all times, is in perfect condition and that errors, damage, or vandalism are prevented or resolved. In addition, information on capacity utilisation is fundamental. MOBOTIX video technology provides essential information about the loading behaviour of customers and the vehicles used. The evaluation of this data enables system optimisation , e.g., for future decisions on suitable locations and the number of pillars required. "Two technologies of the future are coming together. It feels good to support the path to electromobility and sustainable locomotion in this way with MOBOTIX CLOUD technology," said Klaus Kiener, MOBOTIX CFO.
The simple  scalability of the system was essential to CITYWATT when selecting the video technology since this ensures the charging infrastructure can be constantly adapted to meet increasing demand. Thus, cameras can be added almost indefinitely when the charging station network is expanded by opening additional e-charging stations. In addition, for e-charging stations, video analytics is an exciting factor. In the future, MOBOTIX 7 camera apps will be used to further improve services at charging stations and increase effectiveness. Examples of this are  access control via licence plate and vehicle recognition, analysis of the catchment area of customers and acceleration of payment.

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