Accurate People Counting

In many areas, like shops, schools and public buildings, there are increased restrictions on maximum capacities for the number of visitors, customers or employees. In order to determine the current numbers in real time, entries and exits must be monitored. MOBOTIX video technology can do this reliably and effectively for you.

Back on Track Pack Personenzahl erfassen

Counting people at several entrances and exits and merging (accumulation) of the figures


Count people at a central entrance


  • Camera app for the MOBOTIX 7 platform, license required
  • 30 days free of charge, one-time payment for unlimited period of use
  • Detects and counts persons crossing this line in a given direction
  • Guarantees high performance even in complex situations, such as multiple passages, in presence of shopping carts and strollers
  • Alarm or event triggering (e.g. closing the door/locking a turnstile)
  • Can be installed both in indoor and outdoor environments


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