AI-Crowd Deep

AI-Crowd estimates the number of people in a defined area and can also determine queue situations. It triggers a notification when a defined threshold value is exceeded. 

The alternatively available AI-Crowd Deep app also detects social distancing in real time and can trigger an alarm in case of non-compliance.  

AI Crowd Deep is based on deep neural networks. This enables the application to analyze people in an area, even in very crowded situations. The analysis does not suffer from disturbances due to a slight movement of the camera recording the scene.

  • Estimates the current number of people in the monitored area (indoor/outdoor)
  • Detects crowded areas based on a defined threshold 
  • Real-time monitoring of Social Distancing
  • License required, one-time payment for unlimited period of use
  • There are no limits on the number of areas of interest which can be configured by the user
  • Accuracy higher than 90%, even in very crowded environments
  • Camera in wall mounting (10 to 26 ft height), vertical angle to the persons max. 30°


Best suited for the requirements of the following industries:

Government; Retail; Healthcare; Education & Science


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