S74 Long Cable Extender

Up to 34 meters of distance between the sensor module and the S74 camera housing

One camera - up to four modules - and you can move each module up to 34 m away from the camera housing. That's flexibility, redefined! So you could even monitor the ground and top floors of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with a single camera. Or line up all the spaghetti from one package. That's the distance you can cover with the Long Cable Extender.

  • Modules can be placed up to 34 meters away from the camera housing
  • Extender set consisting of two compact, weatherproof connection boxes
  • Image data transmitted between the two LCE connection boxes with up to 30 m
    of fiber-optic cable
  • Electrical voltage and control commands transmitted via second, shielded cable (6x2) 
  • Suitable for all S74 sensor modules (4K, 4MP Ultra LowLight, Thermal B-Series will be supported with a later camera firmware release from late Q1/22 onwards)
    and for MultiSense module and IR emitters
  • 30fps@4K (WDR off), 15fps@4K (WDR on)
S74 Modules

Ten times more range for your installation!

Thanks to the new 34-meter-long connection cables for S74 modules, you can place the sensor and function modules almost anywhere. You can keep an eye on multiple lines of sight and even around corners all at the same time — both inside and outside.  It's just like being in multiple rooms all at once! The flexibility of having 34 meters of cable—compared to 3 meters previously—offers you brand new possibilities. Image data is transmitted using a fiber-optic cable, which ensures the best image quality even over long distances.


More range. More possibilities. More efficiency.

Typical areas of application

Thanks to its flexibility when combined with the versatile apps of the open MOBOTIX 7 system platform, the MOBOTIX S74 opens up new areas of application with its long connection cables. In situations where multiple cameras would normally be required, this versatile all-rounder can do everything with a single video system. It's an effective solution that saves you money.