MOBOTIX IoT Cameras Help Protect Swimmers from Drowning

SwimEye™ is a drowning detection and prevention system mounted under the water in pools. At the heart of all SwimEye™ systems is a high-resolution camera from MOBOTIX. The small size of the camera allows it to be discreetly mounted in the SwimEye™ camera housing, and combined with MOBOTIX’ high image quality, this makes the SwimEye™ able to detect swimmers in distress and raise alarm.

Swimming pools offer fun times and enjoyment, but they can also be dangerous. For lifeguards overseeing the pool area, it can be difficult to keep an eye on all guests at the same time – and recognize when a swimmer is in distress.

“We only use the absolutely best technical components for SwimEye™, and it is extremely important
to us that all the suppliers we work with deliver the best possible components in the highest quality.
MOBOTIX does that,” says Tor Petter Johansen.