With thousands of people visiting its UK centres and partaking in activities like trampolining, wall climbing and sky-riding, ensuring public safety and security is of paramount to Gravity Active Entertainment. It launched one of the first trampoline parks in the UK. Now it has grown to 12 sites across the UK and one in Saudi Arabia in various locations including shopping malls, offering a host of active entertainment experiences. 


Risks & Challenges 

The business needed an effective CCTV system for security and operational monitoring, compliance and risk management. Gravity’s existing system was no longer fit for purpose. Each site had its own ‘island’ system with no centralised connectivity. More costly cameras would be needed to cover new, larger sites. Operating the system was slow, clunky and had a poor interface. 

ASE and MOBOTIX offered a complete, integrated solution and an affordable 360° camera – essential for covering large spaces. The solution has proved to be very user-friendly, flexible and good value for money.

Liam Gibson Head of Compliance, Gravity Active Entertainment

Solutions & Benefits 

The overall solution includes 216 MOBOTIX cameras at most locations. These are integrated into a single system using the MOBOTIX CLOUD application. MOBOTIX CLOUD enables Gravity to manage its entire CCTV system across all sites from anywhere, anytime and on any device - even a smartphone. Highly secure access is tailored so that senior managers have a complete overview while location managers access cameras only at their site. 

With MOBOTIX CLOUD, footage is stored in the cloud making it highly accessible and removing the need for on-site hardware. Instead of having to visit a site and check the cameras, faults send an automatic alert. One feature that Gibson says, “is extremely impressive”, is real-time pan–tilt–zoom view with the software and 360° cameras. 


Reduced Risk – Improved best practice – Value for Money 

The solution can be used for monitoring and managing customer flow around a centre to see which areas or activities get more footfall and then make informed business decisions. It helps to satisfy insurers and in turn, reduce costs, because clear and accessible footage of evidential standard can be provided from all areas in all locations.