Enjoy more freedom with MOBOTIX CLOUD.

Cloud technology is the future — so why not get started today? MOBOTIX CLOUD is an agile and dynamic platform that opens up entirely new opportunities for you or your business. Access your video systems conveniently and securely, wherever you want, whenever you want. Manage your cameras and users easily and efficiently — from any device, whether you prefer a smartphone, tablet or PC.  



The Benefits of the CLOUD

Proven in Practice

Case Study Citywatt Ladestation
As a full-service provider, CITYWATT develops and operates custom 360° charging station concepts for its clients and, as a supplier of electricity for use in electric vehicles, ensures easy charging throughout Europe.
Gravity Active Entertainment, UK
Gravity Active Entertainment, UK
Gravity Active Entertainment needed an effective CCTV system for security and operational monitoring, compliance and risk management. “ASE and MOBOTIX offered a complete, integrated solution and an affordable 360° camera – essential for covering large spaces.

Video Tutorial

Hardware: MOBOTIX Bridge

The MOBOTIX Bridge connects you to the CLOUD. Other than your video cameras, this small box is all you need to get started.

  • Encrypt data and ensure your internal network is secured against any external threats
  • Protect against data loss during bandwidth fluctuations and extended network outages (buffer memory)
  • Manage up to 15 cameras at the same time on the same local network
  • Automatic software updates
  • Connects directly to an external monitor, allowing up to four cameras to be displayed simultaneously

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Certified MOBOTIX CLOUD Reseller

Get trained and certified as a MOBOTIX CLOUD Reseller directly by MOBOTIX through our professional (online) training program. And it's completely free of charge for you!

As a MOBOTIX CLOUD Reseller, you will sell our CLOUD products yourself to interested end customers. You will be present in one of the largest growth markets of the video security industry and will benefit several times and permanently:

  • Recurring monthly revenue
  • Tapping into new customer groups
  • Extensive marketing support
  • Free product and sales training
  • Qualified contacts

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The MOBOTIX CLOUD can be purchased and activated through the same distribution channels as a MOBOTIX camera, from your MOBOTIX partner. Find a MOBOTIX partner via the following link or simply use the contact form on the right. You will then be contacted directly by a suitable MOBOTIX consultant.


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