Solutions For Education And Science: Tangible Results


Tangible Results Worldwide in Education and Academia

Minimal cameras provide maximum coverage. Simply by using 360˚ and 180˚ panoramic hemispherical cameras, each MOBOTIX system was able to replace between two and four former standard surveillance cameras. This has made the systems much simpler. One school has installed door stations throughout its premises, combining comprehensive surveillance with the reliable access system and emergency/communication facilities. All of this could be achieved with a single MOBOTIX system, which has proved extremely cost-effective.


Ideally, video technology should not interfere with learning. The low bandwidth requirements mean pupils never find that their computers are slow or that their work is impaired.


In practical terms, the video recordings have been used to catch the perpetrators of vandalism. For example, vandals who destroyed PC keyboards were able to be identified and held accountable. Overall, the schools and universities have seen violence and vandalism drop dramatically. Installing video security systems acts as an effective deterrent.