Solutions For Education And Science: Efficent to Operate


How can High Expectations be Reconciled with Limited Budgets?

The education sector in particular, with its many young people, sets the bar high for the duty of care. At the same time, these intensive efforts are usually related to the usually limited budgets. The budgets of educational institutions and funding agencies play a decisive role in the implementation of security measures. In public institutions, it is important to handle taxpayers‘ money responsibly. In private institutions, parents appreciate a careful handling of school fees. For this reason, it is important that funds go into modern technical systems that are particularly sustainable, durable and reliable.


MOBOTIX Video Systems are Made in Germany. With an above-average „Mean Time Between Failure“ (MTBF) of more than 80,000 hours, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a MOBOTIX system is reduced to a minimum. Resources for technology support can be saved. Due to their durability and robustness, they are optimized for education and science.