Solutions For Education And Science: Security


Kindergartens, Schools and Universities Have Unique Safety Requirements

Safety and security at educational institutions is affected by a complex mixture of cultural and socioeconomic factors, not to mention the extensive, ever-increasing coverage of violence in schools and universities in the media. This complex environment demonstrates the need for an advanced security concept that is both visible and effective.


Due to their important function in society, schools and universities have repeatedly been the target of attacks. The primary goal is safety, by keeping uninvited guests away from the school grounds and to allow only authorized visitors. Unfortunately, this is not always enough as vandalism, bullying and violence by or among the students, can also be an everyday part of school life. Of course, early smoke and fire detection are also important components for a safe learning and living environment. Recent events have brought new health protection requirements into focus in which video technology can also provide reliable support in all these areas.