Vaxtor VaxOCR Container Code Recognition

MOBOTIX Certified App

The Container Code Recognition App recognizes cargo container codes according to ISO 6346 with an accuracy of over 99% and searches for individual components. The solution is primarily recommended for use in the areas of transportation, logistics and law enforcement


  • Subject to license, one-time payment for unlimited duration of use

  • Recognition of freight container codes according to ISO 6346

  • Recognition accuracy >99%

  • MOBOTIX events via MxMessage

  • Two lists with stored container codes for individual actions (e.g. access granted, alarm triggered, etc.)

  • Recognition time of typically 900 ms/container (project requirements regarding the recognition speed of license plates have to be considered)

  • Container codes can be detected even when the container or camera is moving at speeds of up to 20km/h

  • App-integrated Smart Data Interface for data search with MxManagementCenter version 2.4.3 or higher (e.g., to search for specific container codes, even across multiple cameras)

App Container Code Recognition

Best suited for the requirements of the following users:

Ports, airports, rail transport operators (public and private), operators of cargo handling areas, industrial companies with container warehouses or government institutions (e.g. customs, border protection, traffic monitoring)



  • Process automation:  Automated access control, Reduction of waiting times for transport vehiclesReduction in personnel costs, Documentation of the delivered and removed loads


  • Process documentationImproving the traceability of container routes and operationsAutomatic proof for liability issues in the event of container damage (container condition recording)


  • Container trackingImproving the traceability of own container routesImprovement of the documentation of the dwell time / processing times for storage locations of a transport route, Warehouse management


  • Border controlImproving the traceability of container routes across national borders, Process optimization for the control / research of the transported containers, avoiding traffic jams

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