Vaxtor AIN – Airplane Identification

MOBOTIX Certified App

The software recognizes the identification numbers issued by the ICAO and the FAA, which are located on the outside of airplanes and helicopters. Many private planes and light aircraft travel are not equipped with a transponder. This is where the app comes in, as it helps to identify and track aircraft in real time as they move, take off or land. This is a valuable tool, particularly for smaller airports with limited human resources.

The software reports extra metadata such as the time and date in addition to the aircraft tail number. This data helps to improve processes and increase security.  The application also provides significant support within insurance and supply chain management, as well as assisting law enforcement authorities by tracking unauthorized small aircraft.

  • Recognition of ICAO and FAA registration prefixes
  • Operation with speeds up to 50 km/h
  • Real-time results: Aircraft ID, Aircraft type, Country, etc.
  • Triggering of MOBOTIX events via MxMessageSystem
  • Consolidated event search via MxManagementCenter Smart Data Interface and/or the MOBOTIX HUB
  • Metadata transferred via generic transmission protocols and/or pre-defined third-party interfaces
  • Blocked and safe lists (granted and denied; e.g. grant/deny access, alarm, etc.)
  • The application provides high accuracy of 99%

Examples of typical applications:

  • Supports the coordination and monitoring of regional airports
  • Documentation and control of glider airfields and small airports used for private aircraft
  • Documentation of take-offs and landings in helicopter landing pads, e.g. hospitals and ships
  • Documentation of flight operations at airports and runways that are rarely used or unoccupied, e.g. to protect against smuggling and drug imports


The app is suitable for the following industries among others:

Federal, state and local government; traffic and transport; healthcare; 

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