Vaxtor Genesis

Certified App

Universal Code Detection on Documents, Labels, and Serial-Number Plates

The Vaxtor Genesis app detects any text or digit codes ranging from 2 to 24 characters and consisting of Latin uppercase letters (A to Z) and Arabic numerals (0 to 9). The app can be used almost universally for a wide range of applications, rather than being aimed at specific applications, such as vehicle license plates or container code.

The app configures the required codes for detection based on their typical characteristics and structure, so that only those codes are recognized and documented.


Key Application Areas

Industrial Codes

Workflows can be automated via the detection of SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes, inventory numbers on company property, product or identification plates. This eliminates time-consuming manual checks. In logistics, automation supports and accelerates supply chain, tracking and documentation processes (especially for hazardous goods.)

ID Documents

The app recognizes codes on forms of identification such as identity cards, company ID cards or membership cards. For example, it can be used as part of an access control system — including as part of a dual authorization process in combination with a face recognition app.

Serial Numbers

Each banknote has an individual serial number. This makes it possible to detect registered or wanted serial numbers via video technology (e.g. banknotes from a robbery, from a ransom or registered counterfeit money). In addition, counterfeiters usually do not bother to assign a unique number to each bill. A video system can detect counterfeit money as soon as several fake bills are used simultaneously. An alarm is triggered as soon as the same serial number appears several times. 

High-quality industrial and consumer goods—such as machinery, vehicles, sports equipment, and electrical appliances like white goods—have identification plates and serial numbers. These can be documented and processed automatically with the app during production, inventory control or disposal.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN):

The VIN number is a unique number assigned to a specific vehicle. The app captures this long row of letters and numbers reliably and quickly.


In logistics, complete and thorough documentation of incoming and outgoing goods serves as the basis for automation in the area of electronic data exchange (EDI), warehouse logistics and inventory. The app generates evidence and logs discreetly and in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

Functions at a Glance

  • Reads a wide variety of codes and texts
  • High-speed detection
  • Security thanks to parameters and rules
  • App for all non-hemispheric MOBOTIX 7 cameras 
  • Supports Vaxtor Helix , which consolidates data
  • Results can be submitted via TCP/IP, HTTP POST XML, HTTP POST JSON, etc.

Tangible Benefits:

✓ Saves time and effort 

✓ Flexible and easy to adapt to various codes

✓ Accuracy > 99% 

✓ Convenient detection of long rows of characters


The app is particularly suitable for the following industries:

Industry and production; logistics and transport; utilities, energy and mining; trade; federal state and local government; healthcare

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