Vaxtor UIC Railway Code Recognition

MOBOTIX Certified App

With the Vaxtor UIC Railway Code Recognition App, MOBOTIX offers a cost-effective and powerful artificial intelligence-based video analytics solution for its MOBOTIX 7 camera series to recognize the 12-digit numbers of the International Union of Railways wagons and passenger coaches, commonly called UIC codes or numbers. Recognition and identification of rolling stock enable automated solutions to facilitate tracking, control and documentation of shipments and increase visibility.


Central fields of application:

Process automation
  • Automated access control for stations and other wagon terminals
  • Reduction of waiting times for transport vehicles at entrances and exits
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Documentation of delivered and removed loads
Process documentation
  • Improved traceability of wagon routes and operations
  • Automatic proof for liability issues in case of wagon damage (wagon condition recording via camera images)
Container tracking
  • Improvement of traceability of own wagon routes
  • Improvement of the documentation of dwell times/processing times for storage locations of a transport route
  • warehouse management
Border control
  • Improvement of traceability of wagon routes across national borders
  • Process optimization for control/research of transported wagons
  • Reduction of waiting times for transport vehicles in border areas/avoidance of traffic jams
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UIC wagon number

The internationally valid UIC wagon number enables freight and passenger wagons to be uniquely identified and contains essential key data for rail traffic.


  • License required one-time payment for an unlimited period of use
  • Recognition of wagon numbers according to the specification of the International Union of Railways (UIC Codes)
  • Real-time recognition of UIC code, country code, vehicle type, control digit, the direction of travel
  • Recognition accuracy >99
  • Consolidated event search via Smart Data Interface and/or MOBOTIX HUB
  • Triggering of individual actions (e.g., grant/deny access, trigger alarm, etc.)
  • UIC codes can also be detected when a wagon or camera is moving at speeds of up to 10 km/h


The app is particularly well suited for the following industries:

Traffic & Transportation; Government; Utilities, Energy & Mining; Industry & Production


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