Ensures a high level of security without stretching the budget

The Vidant Beaufort Hospital is a hospital with 142 beds in Washington, North Carolina. The hospital has a versatile setup. Among other things, it has a renowned radiology department and individual nursing in the maternity ward.


While the hospital is well-positioned in the diagnostic area, safety standards have not been able to keep up for a long time. In 2008, security guards were still patrolling the extensive grounds to detect and prevent incidents. To meet the liability, the hospital was equipped with MOBOTIX video technology. MOBOTIX Q24 cameras with 360-degree panoramic view for the interior and MOBOTIX DualNight M12 cameras, for high-resolution images even at night were the solution. With the decentralized system, bandwidth is only used when events occur. Thanks to the hemispheric technology, relatively few cameras were needed on-site to cover a large area. This is easy on the budget, as is the durability of the cameras.