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frogblue Smart Some and intelligent Building Technology

frogblue is the wireless bridge for MOBOTIX to complete control of smart home and intelligent building projects. In combination with MOBOTIX Video Systems and their wide range of built-in sensors and alarm notification capabilities it is possible to control and integrate multiple device functions within a project. The joint solution allows for example to control indoor and outdoor lighting systems, electrical blinds, shutters and awnings, door locking mechanisms, alarm systems and many other functions via a MOBOTIX camera – wirelessly!

With frogblue MOBOTIX partners can expand their business to the very lucrative Smart Home/Intelligent Building Technology market.

Key Features & Benefits

Extremely scalable, intelligent and versatile
Wireless installtion
Decentralized system functionality
Lightning fast Bluetooth LE
Doubly secure with encryption plus unique message time stamp
Combining intelligent aspect of both systems

About frogblue

frogblue is an intelligent building technology and smart home concept designed for all types and size of installations, in new builds as well as Retrofits and refurbishments. It is a decentralized system concept based on individual intelligent modules called frogs each with its own embedded logic and communicating via their own Bluetooth LE mesh network. Each frog is capable of receiving, analyzing and transmitting messages and commands to all other frogs in the system - without cabling, a central control unit or IT infrastructure. frogblue solutions are secure, safe and robust offering double encryption plus a unique timestamp for every message or command sent. Our mission is to provide a solution that is secure, safe, extremely flexible, always scalable, easy to install and affordable for every user. frogblue also has the VDE certification which is the highest level of fire and electrical protection available in Germany.

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