Architects & Engineers

Information that support architects and planners in order to support reliable and intelligent IP Video solutions Made In Germany.

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Dedicated Information

  • Newsletters
  • Early product information/testing
  • EOL announcements
  • Technology/Solution white papers
  • Global Networking Platform
  • MOBOTIX Partner Society Introduction
  • Events and Trainings

System Design Support

  • MOBOTIX Toolbox for design & implementation documents
  • Project Engineers
  • On&Offline material for easier and quicker design
  • Multi-Language Content
  • Schematics and Images
  • Certifications and Test Reports


  • MOBOTIX Project Planner with 3D CAD software integration
  • MOBOTIX Device Images for Autodesk ® Revit ® Microsoft ® Visio®
  • MOBOTIX Configurator and Selector  – iOS , Android & Online
  • MOBOTIX Coverage and Lens Selection Tool