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  • Weatherproof interface box (IP65, -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)) that can be positioned at any point on an MxBus connection cable
  • Simple functional expansion of the system by means of simultaneous power supply and use of up to 7 MxBus modules on one camera (max. 9 watts)
  • Reduced load on the camera (less heat developing, higher performance) because the MX-BPA-Box supplies all power to the MxBus modules
  • Connection of standard voltage sources and batteries to the MX-BPA-Box (12 to 48 V DC)
  • Plug & play: The MX-BPA-Box features auto configure function
  • Maximum length of MxBus two-wire cable: 100 m

Not suitable for Mx6 cameras

MX-BPA-Box scheme

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