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 Product Info: MxMC MxManagementCenter 1.2 Tutorial
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New Features In MxManagementCenter 1.3

  • New: Device Bar with Tree Structure
    • Easy navigation between cameras & views
    • Comfortable search – simple location of cameras & groups
    • Definition of favorites – fast access of frequently used cameras & groups
    • New area to manage clips
    • Device bar supports also Drag&Drop
  • Additional Research Capability
    • Irregularities visible in Histogram
  • Enhanced Export Options
    • Video formats: avi (mjpg), MxPEG
    • Image area, resolution and frame rate can be defined individually for export
  • Powerful & stable on Windows* and Mac OS-X* devices
  • High-Speed-Search – 60-times playback and comfortable 
time lapse

Benefit from the Advantages of the New MxManagementCenter 1.3 Now

  • Multi core & graphics card support – more cameras can by displayed simultaneously thanks to optimal utilization of computer hardware by MxManagementCenter
  • Flexible alarm notification – MxManagementCenter enables individual selection of cameras and events to be shown in the alarm bar
  • MxFlashFileSystem
  • Highly secure encryption – maximum data security
  • SD card as data buffer – bridges network failures of file server
  • Bandwidth optimized frame rate & resolution (playback & live)
  • Multi monitor & touch screen user interface – Drag&Drop and gesture control

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> Flexible Video Export

> Histogram with MxEventStatistics

> Multi-Monitor-Capability

> User Action Log

> 60-times High-speed Playback

> Playback Analysis with Post Video Motion

> Adaptive Bandwidth Management

> Smart Alarm Filtering

> Health check and lost connection detection