MOBOTIX Certified Apps

Certified Apps are professional, deep learning based MOBOTIX camera apps from renowned partners that are explicitly verified and certified by MOBOTIX. All Certified Apps meet the highest cyber security requirements. Thanks to the high modularity, users can use exactly the apps they need in their video system to meet their requirements. The Certified Apps are all pre-installed in the MOBOTIX M73, S74 and D71 camera firmware and can be trialed free of charge for 30 days. The selection of apps will grow with the requirements. The range of apps in the camera can be automatically updated with simple firmware updates.

The configuration and operation of the apps is very simple. It is done directly via the camera firmware. Additional video management software such as MxMC is not required. Camera events and other actions are triggered by an app using the familiar MxMessage system from MOBOTIX.

Certified Apps

MOBOTIX Apps in Special Application Packages

Each app is optimized for the requirements of specific industries. The applications can be purchased and used individually or combined. We have already put together app packages (bundles) for our customers for certain requirement fields. It is ensured that these apps of one bundle on the camera can also run in parallel. For other combinations, this must be checked in advance. Please note: When purchasing a bundle, you enjoy high price advantages of more than 70% compared to the purchase of the individual apps.


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Fire & Smoke Apps Bundle



It is easy to buy and activate apps and bundles

Any number of app licenses or activation IDs can be purchased through the same distribution channels as a MOBOTIX camera, from a MOBOTIX partner.

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MOBOTIX App license

A MOBOTIX App license can then be forwarded online from our license portal directly to the end customer via e-mail by the MOBOTIX partner who supports the end customer. The activation then will simply be made via our free operating software MxManagementCenter (version 2.2 or higher).

Partners or end customers can also stock licenses if they are licensed for an unlimited period.

Detailed operating instructions for the license portal, tailored to the respective partner status, can be found under this link:

Detailed operating instructions

MOBOTIX 7 App: Vaxtor Genesis

MOBOTIX 7 App: Thermal Validation

MOBOTIX 7 App: Barcode Reader

Vaxtor Make Model Color

Vaxtor License Plate Recognition

MOBOTIX 7 App: MxAnalytics AI - Object Detection

App AI-FaceDetect-Deep

App AI-Crowd-Deep Social Distancing

App AI-Crowd-Deep Counting

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Smoke

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Spill

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Loitering

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Intrusion PRO

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Fire

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Road 3D

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Parking

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Overoccupancy

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Lost

MOBOTIX 7 App: AI-Crowd

All Utilities, Energy & Mining Government Education & Science Healthcare Industry & Production Retail Traffic & Transportation

AI-Lost allows to detect abandoned and/or removed objects.

The app enables the biometric analysis of customers or visitors based on gender, age and length of stay in the image area.

The app estimates and monitors the number of people in an area and identifies social distancing between people.

AI-FaceDetect-Deep counts people based on detection of their faces and can also detect if masks are worn or not worn.

AI-Fire is the app for early detection of indoor and outdoor flames without thermal imaging.

AI-Heat identifies frequently visited and less frequented areas based on the time spent by a person and creates heat maps from this information.

AI-Incident detects pedestrians in defined areas as well as stopped vehicles, queues or vehicles in the wrong direction of travel.

The app detects intrusion into sensitive areas by crossing (a sequence of) virtual lines.

AI-Loitering detects suspicious behavior of people who spend a long time in a sensitive area.

The app identifies the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside the scene.

AI-Overcrowd sends an alarm when the number of people in individual areas exceeds a user-defined threshold.

The application can identify areas that are overcrowded, e.g. with too many people or vehicles, based on the occupied portion in relation to the total area.

The app can classify vehicles and recognize if and how many parking spaces are free or occupied.

The application counts people who cross a virtual crossing line - e.g. in the area of a door - in a certain direction.

AI-Road3D is the video analytics plugin for traffic monitoring and smart cities.

AI-Spill is able to detect the falling of a person and then the presence of a person on the ground.

Dynamic Pixelation of individuals for DSGVO-compliant monitoring

The specialized application reliably detects intrusions, even if the people or vehicles only a cover small part of the field of vision.

The MOBOTIX ActivitySensor AI application combines the advantages of the MOBOTIX AcitivitySensor (object movement) with artificial intelligence-based object detection.

Definition of up to 20 temperature measurement ranges within the camera's field of view

The integrated app counts persons/objects (also accumulated), detects motions in restricted areas and creates heat maps.

Detect objects, count persons/objects (also cumulated), detect movements in restricted areas and create heat maps. All in one app!

Barcodes (1D code), QR codes and other area codes (2D) fast and reliable

The MOBOTIX ColorRecognition app detects colors based on predefined values. Corresponding color values increase or decrease when they are hidden or visible.

Thermal App exclusively for CNPP-certified M73 TR and S74 TR

Detect and Filter Out Non-Critical Heat Sources, Reduce false alarms

The software recognizes the identification numbers on aircraft. This is particularly useful and important for private planes and light aircraft without transponders.

Universal Code Detection on Documents, Labels, and Serial-Number Plates

With this app, vehicle license plates from all over the world can be recognized and compared with "block" or "allow" lists, e.g. for access control.

The app recognizes license plates from around the world and simultaneously detects dangerous goods plates.

License plate recognition allows you to monitor two directions of travel at once or double the number of lanes being monitored compared to single-lens application.

License plate recognition with additional recognition of car make, model, color.

Artificial intelligence-based video analytics solution for recognizing the 12-digit numbers of International Union of Railways wagons and passenger coaches.

The application recognizes USDOT numbers in real-time and with metadata such as time, date, and GPS position allows tracking and identification of registered vehicles.

The Container Code Recognition App recognizes cargo container codes according to ISO 6346 with an accuracy of over 99%.