Certified by the French CNPP fire prevention experts:

Detect fires early, respond quickly and avoid damage.

MOBOTIX presents premium fire prevention cameras: The MOBOTIX M73 Thermal TR and S74 Thermal TR are both certified by the French National Centre for Prevention and Protection (Centre National de Prévention et de Protection — CNPP) for integration in fire alarm systems. 

The MOBOTIX cameras allow up to 20 simultaneous measurement windows in a single camera image from a distance of up to 72 m. Each measurement range can be individually calibrated (e.g. emissivity). Use the flexible CNPP-certified camera bundles for accurate and reliable fire prevention or upgrade existing cameras with the MOBOTIX Thermal Heat Detection app.

Significant Advantages and Ultimate Reliability

✓ CNPP product certification 

✓ Early fire detection for fast intervention 

✓ Universal use, including outside

✓ Up to 20 simultaneous measurement windows from a distance of up to 72 m

✓ Individual calibration of each measurement range (e.g. emissivity)

✓ Option to upgrade existing cameras

✓ Additional optical sensor can be used

Efficient Fire Prevention

MOBOTIX thermal cameras with CNPP certification provide reliable and early detection of fire sources. They often detect these sources before a fire occurs, even from distances of up to 72 meters. This means that the spread of the fire can be effectively fought or, in an ideal scenario, prevented altogether. MOBOTIX Thermal TR technology is impressively fast and economical to install. It is much simpler than linear heat detectors, for example. In addition, the system can react more quickly. Heat is detected before it even reaches the ceiling. Furthermore, unlike aspirating smoke detectors, the MOBOTIX M73 and S74 do not rely on the development of smoke to work.

Open Up New Areas in Fire Protection!

Rely on MOBOTIX video systems where conventional fire detectors reach their limits

Monitoring of Outside Areas and Warehouses

  • Large, cluttered areas
  • Material buildup and bulk goods, e.g. waste in waste management or grain in food processing
  • Warehouses with chemicals, wood or paper
  • Hard-to-reach areas

Reliable Monitoring of Indoor Areas

  • Large rooms and buildings (e.g. halls, high ceilings)
  • Warehouses with highly flammable goods
  • Inaccessible and unclear areas (dust, fog, darkness)
  • Locations open to the public (e.g. schools, airports, public buildings, workplaces)
Case Study Citywatt Ladestation

Monitoring of "Power-Sensitive Areas"

  • Triggers an alert if production facilities overheat
  • Monitoring of server rooms
  • Monitoring of charging stations (electric vehicles and charging stations)

Versatile and Flexible — Applications Beyond Fire Protection

Thermal cameras are ideally suited for monitoring sensitive areas (perimeter protection) day and night, while respecting privacy (data protection). Intruders can be detected and an alarm can be triggered without having to recognize the individuals' faces.

The CNPP Configuration for the Best Protection

MOBOTIX thermal radiometry (TR) cameras feature a calibrated thermal image sensor. The cameras measure thermal radiation across the entire image area and trigger an event if thresholds are exceeded (camera alarm, network message, etc.). In addition to the alarm signal, the CNPP-certified M73 and S74 solutions require a fault signal to report faults (e.g. with the power supply) directly. The PoE+ power supply must comply with the EN 54-4 standards.

The "MOBOTIX Thermal Heat Detection" app must be installed for all CNPP-certified systems. The app allows the systems to be reliably adjusted to the ambient conditions and enables the systems to be operated very conveniently.

System Features
  • Expansion of the temperature measurement capabilities of the MOBOTIX thermal imaging cameras
    (in accordance with CNPP France 19005 certification)
  • Definition of up to 20 temperature measurement ranges within the camera's field of view
  • Individual calibration of each temperature measurement range (e.g. emission values)
  • Temperature events triggered when defined temperature thresholds are exceeded
  • Detection of any physical manipulation of the heat sensor (e.g. covered sensor)
  • MOBOTIX events via MxMessageSystem

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