Supermarkets, builders’ merchants, garden centers and specialist retailers

Much More Than Theft Protection


Enhance the Shopping Experience

MOBOTIX video technology can do much more than just protect against theft and prevent intruders:  

  • Protects against the loss of money and goods

  • Keeps buildings and people safe

  • Provides access control for sensitive areas

  • Checks hygiene regulations are being followed: Identifies the use of masks and adher- ence to social distancing

  • Optimizes sales and service operations


Six Key Areas in Supermarkets

As a retailer, it can help you enhance the shopping experience and improve operations, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and sales: 

  1. Outdoor area
  2. Customer entrance
  3. Inside the store
  4. Checkout area
  5. Warehouse
  6. Employee and supplier entrance


Discover all areas of application of MOBOTIX video technology in supermarkets in our brochure:

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MOBOTIX video technology in Retail

When looking at Retail, security such as shoplifting or internal theft comes to mind, apart from these applications MOBOTIX supports data-driven marketing, process efficiency, optimizing queues and service which can increase the daily sales and save on potential losses. MOBOTIX video technology is being used in the current pandemic‘s challenges we are all facing. The flexible, scalable video systems can be used for mask detection and social distancing with the integrated analytics available.


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