MOBOTIX network solutions are sold through qualified distributors, dealers and partners around the world, also to professional installers and service providers for video surveillance, security applications, home automation and commercial applications.

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International Technical Support
Technical Support for USA and Canada (915)

Technical Support for USA and Canada


 +1 212 385 6126
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Technical Support for Australia

Technical Support for Australia


 +61 2 8507 2002
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Technical Support for United Kingdom

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?

MOBOTIX support is primarily available to the trained MOBOTIX partners.

The respective dealers or installers are responsible for the warranty of their customers.

Therefore, the initial contact must always be made through the responsible dealer or distributor.

The factory IP No. of your camera helps us to process your enquiry quicker. Stating the IP No. is not mandatory, though.

Need to contact MOBOTIX Support services?

Try out our new After Sales Support section, exclusive for MOBOTIX Partners, within our MOBOTIX Partner Portal. 

Simply by logging in to your Partner Portal account you can have immediate access to create and view the status of your Professional Services, Technical Support and Repair & Maintenance (RMA) requests – quickly and easily, whenever or wherever you are.

Hint: With "IP No." we refer to the factory IP Adress / serial number. You can enter multiple IP Nos. if necessary.

IP No. needs to have the format 10.[number].[number].[number]

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