NAS solution for MOBOTIX ManagementCenter

Easy Integration of QNAP NAS with QVR Pro license

The MOBOTIX NAS has been officially discontinued in 2022, i.e. no new functions will be provided for it. To enable MxMC playback access to recordings from ONVIF-enabled cameras (e.g. MOVE series), we have developed an easy-to-use QVR Pro recording software solution in cooperation with QNAP, one of the world's most important NAS manufacturers.

QNAP Recording Softwarelösung

QNAP offers with its own NAS devices based on the operating system QTS in combination with the QNAP QVR Pro Recording Software the possibility to record MOVE cameras or ONVIF cameras. This recording can then be played back with the MxManagementCenter.


To activate this software function, a corresponding Mx-SW-MC-QNAP license must be obtained from MOBOTIX or a MOBOTIX partner. The license is then activated directly via the QNAP NAS. The MOBOTIX cameras, the free MxManagementCenter and the necessary licenses for third-party cameras will continue to be purchased from MOBOTIX as usual.


For more information, please visit the MOBOTIX Community

Special benefits for existing MOBOTIX NAS customers:

MOBOTIX customers who already have a MOBOTIX NAS in use can continue to use it and update it in the future with the maintenance versions of the QNAP software. It is also possible to upgrade to the full QNAP QTS / QVR Pro solution including the channel licenses - and thus gain access to many new functions and apps from QNAP.

  • Full use of the extensive QNAP apps, such as Back Up Recovery, Anti-Virus, Monitoring
  • Free updates for the latest QTS/QVR Pro software with full functionality and for the latest security updates
  • Use of different QNAP NAS models, customizable for each project
  • Recording of MOBOTIX IOT cameras with latest Samba standards for maximum performance and stability