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Our New Service Offer Exclusively for MOBOTIX Partners 

Our new service concept takes a weight off our partner’s shoulders. We are ready to deploy our MOBOTIX specialists across the world to assist you, pre-configure your cameras at our factory on request, and even support you on-site. Whether directly at production, on-site or via remote access our team of experts are available to provide you with individual professional support specific to your needs, and that of your customer, and enable you to save time, resources and money through the following services:

Pre-Configuration Service

Inhouse configuration of MOBOTIX video systems before delivering

We take over the most important network and storage settings for your newly ordered MOBOTIX video systems.

Most important advantages:

  • Reduction of your personal workload for the entire project
  • Only event and image settings need to be configured
  • Minimization of configuration errors and use of the very latest device software
  • Configuration with function guarantee directly at the MOBOTIX factory in Germany

Field Engineering

Complete system configuration and user training directly on-site

Our MOBOTIX specialists take over the complete configuration of an already installed MOBOTIX video system.

Most important advantages:

  • Save time by outsourcing all configuration work in the project directly to MOBOTIX
  • Extended configuration options compared to Pre-Configuration Service
  • Delivery of an optimally usable and tested complete system
  • Possibility of accepting project orders even in the event of time and personnel bottlenecks
Remote Services

Remote Support Services

System configuration and troubleshooting via secure IP remote connection

We can configure and maintain even complex MOBOTIX video systems quickly and competently using temporary and protected remote access.

Most important advantages:

  • Time saved by outsourcing all configuration, maintenance and support work in the project directly to MOBOTIX
  • Complete device and system configuration service
  • For all MOBOTIX hardware and software components in new and existing projects
  • Faster processing of project orders in the event of time and personnel bottlenecks

On-Site Support

Competent troubleshooting directly at your customer's site

If remote diagnosis is not possible for technical or other reasons, we will be happy to help you with advice and practical help within the scope of our Professional Services, including on-site troubleshooting.

Most important advantages:

  • Save time by using the collected expert knowledge of MOBOTIX
  • Fast and professional solution - even for complicated problems
  • Top service for minimized downtimes
  • Handover of an optimally operational and tested complete system


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Please note, that some benefits may not be available in all regions. 

We are here when you need us

In addition to our usual After Sales Support, where our Support Technicians are standing by to ensure that our products are performing as expected, our Professional Services program allows us to assist you should you need any individual assistance that goes beyond ensuring functionality.

Our MOBOTIX specialists are available to provide our certified partners, worldwide, with services ranging from pre configuring cameras at the factory to specific technical assistance, either remotely or directly on site as required – all of which at a very fair price. You can rely on us!

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MOBOTIX Professional Services can only be used exclusively by registered MOBOTIX partners. Our services are based on fixed hourly, daily or unit costs. For a quote, please contact your MOBOTIX Sales team by email or phone:

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