There is no such thing as a MOBOTIX standard solution. In cooperation with your MOBOTIX partner, your project is configured to suit your needs from the comprehensive MOBOTIX portfolio. We discuss your processes with you in considerable detail to define the relevant tasks and how we can monitor them reliably and effectively. This ensures that the solution is the perfect fit for your needs and leaves nothing to be desired.

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  • mx_cs_energy_LAKI_header_1860x930
    Laki Power
    Power grid operators are set to save time and money with new surveillance technology
    for overhead power lines. The monitoring system is developed by Laki Power and uses
    MOBOTIX cameras.
  • Mx_CS_grindel_930x550_1.jpg
    TSM Grindel AG
    Large areas can be covered with only a few cameras, which saves money and puts less pressure on the network.
  • Mx_CS_Centro_Medoca_Vicenza_teaser_930x550
    Centro Medico Vicenza
    In January 2020, the medical center installed a video intercom system at the entrance and four cameras in the MOBOTIX MOVE series to monitor communal areas and physiotherapy rooms.
  • Friendly Cityhotel Oktopus, DE
    The 2020 pandemic has caused many people to be wary of traveling and staying in hotels. MOBOTIX thermal technology plays a huge part in ensuring that operations at the hotel have continued to run smoothly. The system detects an elevated body temperature in real time and then sounds an alarm.
  • Gravity Active Entertainment, UK
    Gravity Active Entertainment, UK
    Gravity Active Entertainment needed an effective CCTV system for security and operational monitoring, compliance and risk management. “ASE and MOBOTIX offered a complete, integrated solution and an affordable 360° camera – essential for covering large spaces.

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